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Trayvon Martin Used To Fight Stand Your Ground Law As George Zimmerman Is Celebrated

Trayvon Martin Used To Fight Stand Your Ground Law As George Zimmerman Is Celebrated

Trayvon Martin has been used as the rallying cry for those who oppose Florida’s stand your ground law. But at the same time, those who oppose gun control are rallying behind George Zimmerman and treating him as a celebrity.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, in an interview given last month George Zimmerman said he doesn’t regret killing Trayvon Martin. Lawyer Benjamin Crump has also been speaking against Stand Your Ground even though the law did not determine the outcome of the Zimmerman trial.

Jordan Davis is the name of the teenager killed by Michael Dunn after they argued over loud rap music, and the man was eventually found guilty of second-degree murder. Even though the defense in the Dunn trial did not invoke stand your ground, the mother of the dead teen joined Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, to work together toward ending Florida’s stand your ground law:

“These two moms are going to make positive change to make sure that ‘stand your ground’ doesn’t continue to happen.”

The Stand Your Ground law was recently extended warning shot bill, which is intended to address the situation of Marissa Alexander, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot in the direction of her abusive husband. The family of Alexander also joined the protest, although reports are not clear if this includes the family of Marissa or of the husband, although the latter makes more sense. Regardless, all of them claim the controversial law gives killers the excuse to “shoot and kill someone and then ask questions later.”

George Zimmerman was the celebrity guest of honor at the recent New Orlando Gun Show. The killer of Trayvon Martin even had a booth where he could sign autographs and pose for photographs with fans. One of these fans named Melissa related her experience:

“He seemed nervous and actually a little scared to be there. He also appeared emotional, like he was really thankful and touched that people would come out to see him. It was pretty weird to meet him in person – and wow, he has gained a lot of weight!”

What do you think about how the family of Trayvon Martin is using his legacy to oppose Florida’s stand your ground law? What do you think about opponents of gun control laws using George Zimmerman as a guest celebrity?

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113 Responses to “Trayvon Martin Used To Fight Stand Your Ground Law As George Zimmerman Is Celebrated”

  1. Anonymous

    YOUR "CONFUSION" is to be expected

    the other case ( loud music) was NOT DEFENDED AS "SYG"

    that is made up sh by you leftists

    Martin was treated as a clebe AFTER HE WAS SHOT FOR ATTCKING GZ





    BUT YOU PRETEND YOU are for them with your lies

  2. Anonymous

    Two thugs met. One thug shot the other dead. Purple or Lean drugs were involved. And An angry thug. No justice could happen in this case when someone's 'would be son' got involved. There could have been further investigation but the racist president forced it. Just like in the "beer summit' debacle with the 'acting stupidly' police. If he stayed out of it, there would not have been the forced charges without enough evidence. Sorry. pres bungled this another for justice. And sadly, two thugs met. And a tragedy occurred. If TM was at home instead of sent somewhere else by his family, would this have happened.?

  3. Lois Green

    This Travon Martin case proved nothing except – if you have a father who is a judge abit that he is a retired judge and a good lawyer you can kill and get away with it. Zimmerman had no cause to intimidate Martin, was told by police NOT to Follow the victim.. Then he claims self defense.. What a Crock.. I just hope that the Martins are aware of the MILLIONS of WHITE PEOPLE who are behind them seeking political justice for their son.

  4. Phil Schneider

    Why are we using a photo of a young innocent angelic looking Trayvon taken years BEFORE the Zimmerman encounter. Martin was a want -a be thug that was trying to be a thug. He got exactly what he deserved. He attacked Zimmerman and not the other way around. Had he beat Zimmerman to death, it would have been a very small story on the back page. Give it a break! Criminals need to know that criminal behavior can result in DEATH!

  5. Dan Rico

    martin the ni 66 er drug selling thug got what he deserved. Hope they buried him face down so he went back to where he came from. George saved the tax payers of Florida a lot of welfare, food stamp and section 8 housing monies by getting rid of this POS trash of a human being.

  6. Phil Schneider

    I have always been a moderate. I have been an independent voter all my life. I am old. In the past five years, I have become a flaming liberal by your definition….probably. See my post above. Maybe you should quit lumping all into a group called liberals. I am a big gun rights advocate. When my father bought me my first gun at age 6, nobody asked me if I was a right wing fanatic or a flaming liberal. Get it??

  7. Patrick Frye

    Because it's one of the few decent photos we have of Trayvon. All the others are grainy. But I will attempt to find a better photo that's not so politicized.

  8. Anonymous

    Once again the picture of the child trayvon. Media is a lying prostitute. Sooo one person jumps another and beats him for whatever reason. The beaten one takes out a gun to protect himself. Hmmmm. Is that murder? Oh wait, we have to find out what the race of each of the participants before we can decide if there was a crime or not……. now that is the height of prejudice and the media, and each of those using this for fame, should be ashamed. And now the debate is if the beaten one should have been allowed to defend himself? Wow.

  9. Tom Elkin

    Well Phil, you forgot that the wannabe cop was following the kid and was told by the police dispatcher to go back to his car. He didn't and we have a dead kid and Zimmerman has shown himself out to be a waste of good air.

  10. Stephanie Augustine

    Trayvon didn't look that much different from the pics here on the night he was murdered by that pathetic vigilante. And Zimmerman isn't the only pathetic one if you think a kid minding his own business deserves to get murdered while on a snack run. "Beat Zimmerman to death?" More like defending himself from a damn stalker with a gun who chased down an innocent kid and then murdered him when things didn't go his way. You desperately need to inform yourself, because people like you make me ill.

  11. Dexter Webb

    ignorant comment and even more ignorant to hit the like button…but anyway, so are you saying that this 17 year old kid didn't have the right to walk to the store? So let me get this straight…you said it wouldn't have happened if he had been in the house. How can you have the nerve to say that? The kid had the right to walk anywhere he pleased. Its you hero that didn't have the rights to do what he did and we all know what he did whether you'll admit it or not. Oh and one more thing…If your son or daughter was murdered would you want someone to have to force an investigation or would you expect that to just happen simply because that's the way it's supposed to work?

  12. Edward D Wallace

    This article is factually wrong regarding Marissa Alexander. She did not shoot or kill her husband. She shot a warning shot into the wall. No one was injured.

  13. John Bates

    There was only one thug. And he died that night.

    (Tom is apparently looking in a mirror…)

  14. Beads of Hope

    Tray Tray was a violent thug and gang banger wanna-be that tussled with the wrong person. He got what he deserved. Sorry…you don't get to attack someone than cry "racism" when you get shot. Sybrina Fulton is a conniving, manipulative race baiter like Sharpton and Jackson. She should be talking about the dangers of attacking people and the violent rap culture that led her son to committing burglary and dealing drugs.

  15. Maximus Meridus

    Hey Lois ..nobody knows when the confrontation occurred not even you . He could have been returning to his car as he claims when the altercation happened . Nobody knows including you how it actually started except the 2 men involved . The witnesses claim on what they saw was Trayvon on top and Martin yelling for help while being injured before the shot rang out . I hope they are also aware of all the people looking for the right and only way to determine what happened in such an unfortunate case and not based on race in any way shape or form .Much like your are taking an active roll in here .You are acting on some form of white guilt or of some political gun bias ? Who knows but what we do know is that only the 2 men know . You nor I do not , that does not constitute guilt for Martin because you wish it to be so . Nor does it constitute his innocence , get it? I doubt you do . If he is totally innocent how does he live with ppl like you around ? What if it was your son in Martins shoes ? Whose side would you be touting then ?

  16. Anonymous

    It is absolutely sickening to here all of these people who support criminals like Trayvon Martin because he is black, and yes proven criminal by his violent actions, drug use and possession of stolen property prior to his altercation with George Zimmerman. And even worse is, these people are saying we should not have the right to defend ourselves just because we are out in public.

  17. John Bates

    Lois you are wrong. The one thing this proved is that when you get violent with the wrong person, you get dead. And even a president with an agenda cannot change that.

  18. Anonymous

    All you liberal do-gooders can reargue the Zimmerman case and whether or not he should have been found guilty or not. Who cares? It has nothing to do with the subject matter here. Because the truth of the matter is that everyone has and SHOULD HAVE the right not to be intimidated and "stand their ground" to protect themselves no matter what. If that includes using deadly force to protect yourself, so be it. Its just that simple. Obviously these do-gooders can't argue the law on its merits. They have to stoop using Travon Martin and the race card.

  19. Joseph Schriefer

    Bottom line is stand your ground laws aren't the issue. If some parent is so concerned with the SYG law, they should be more concerned with the conduct of their child. We as an advanced society will NOT allow a bunch of emotionally wrecked, uneducated on a subject people attempt to limit our ability to defend ourselves from the violent attack of their precious thug children. SYG was not even used in the Zimmerman case, as it was simply a case of self defense and the evidence supports as such. The dunn case inappropriately used the SYG defense, and a mistrial was the conclusion. He WILL be retried and he WILL be convicted. Unlike Zimmerman, who acted lawfully, Dunn did not act lawfully.

  20. Anonymous

    GZ didn't intimidate Martin he was attacked by Martin and defended himself. I hope the Martins know there are a lot of people of any and all races who do not support criminals and thugs like Trayvon Martin. And I bet you would be talking a different story if your house was one of the home's that TM had burglarized and stole your jewelry.

  21. John Bates

    So according to the simpleton's posting here, this case boils down to a wannabe cop and a wannabe thug. Gee, if you had to pick one, which one would you want to next door to?

  22. Chris Gordon

    Phil Schneider– Had Trayvon Martin beat George Zimmerman to death, then Trayvon would have at least had some real justice.

  23. John Bates

    I have to disagree. There are plenty of people I celebrate the death of. I'm just think it is "discusting" (sic) someone else got to them first.

  24. John Bates

    Dexter Webb, he had the right to walk home that night. If he had done so, instead of trying to impress his little girlfriend on the phone with how tough he was be confronting a "creepy ass cracker", he would be alive today. Instead he decided to become violent. And he paid for it.

    The original investigation showed there was no crime. There was no "murder" that night. A politically motivated lunching in the guise of a trial showed that original determination to be true. Murder is a legal term, and the legal system, which was heavily stacked against him, saw through the hysterical PC crapola and ruled correctly.

  25. Daniel L. Wright

    Trying to make a hero out of a kid who was out of control at home and in school is ridiculous. Zimmerman is no hero but he had the right to defend himself from this kid who was smashing his head on the concrete sidewalk. Blacks and liberals dont want to hear the truth,NOT GUILTY.

  26. Daniel L. Wright

    Poor Lois,still cant accept, NOT GUILTY. Live with it.

  27. Larry C Mallory

    marissa alexander didnt kill anyone.facts much? anyway, none of us know the exact circumstances that led to the altercation but zimmermans stories(plural) were very inconsistent. i actually think trayvon was afraid of a strange man that had followed him 3 or four blocks in a truck then on foot and attacked when he got to close.i would also defend my self if a strange man was following me. but i have a concealed weapon permit as just like georgie so it woulda been a fair fight.

  28. Jay Mclwee

    but he attacked the guy u attack some one u get shot i dont care if there following u or not and the reason people watch and worry about thugs is there violent and crazy look at the news god one bit off his kids nose just last night

  29. William Harmon

    Its not a black or white issue it's a right from rong issue and im happy to see that 90% of whites see it that way aswell we have come along way the growth of us as 1 nation as americans is outstanding. we still have that 10% that wasn't raised correctly but…they will die off in the next 10 years or so.

  30. Jay Mclwee

    i wish u would move to a city full of trevons and see how u felt move to the inner city of cleveland or detroit and see how that goes for u go why cant u people see the truth look at real news stories young black people are going crazy because no ones holding them accountable

  31. Patrick Frye

    Unfortunately, public photos of Trayvon tend to be 1. poor quality 2. highly stylized in order to support a political message in favor of gun control or 3. feature Trayvon smoking weed, handling guns, and giving the middle finger to the camera, which makes them inappropriate to use.

  32. Anonymous

    I read through all of the comments in response to this article, and statistically they demonstrate how far we have not come as a society. Mrs. Green, I appreciate your point, because you addressed the discussion with a sense of humanity with race and politics set aside. You demonstrate how we should feel as Americans in response to an incident like this. The big issue I have with the Martin case is how can you provoke an incident, and then claim self-defense or SYG. I have no problem with someone defending him/herself, but I can't follow/stalk someone, and stir up fear and emotion in him/her, and expect protection under the law after a particular outcome. Imagine the chaos in our society that that notion can create. I am a black man, and imagine if I went to an event where there is majority of white men, provoke a fight, come out on the short end of the stick, and then pulled my gun and kill someone after instigating the event. That's crazy. You guys can argue your beef with gun control, but you are going to lose your argument if you stand behind unjust situations as such. Gun rights advocates should have been the first to ridicule Zimmerman, because the situation he caused represents the very reason people's attitudes are changing to favor gun control policies. Last thought, be careful in judging an individual and assuming him/her to be a thug because of color and the way he/she dresses. That represents so much ignorance, and lack of understanding of a culture that you are apparently not in touch with. I wear hoodies, yet I am educated with a master's degree and work as a oil-field executive. I guess I have a little thug in me….

  33. Stephanie Augustine

    Amuse Bouche That is absolutely false. Zimmerman never went back to his truck, is is indicated by where the altercation (and eventual murder) took place. It was nowhere near Zimmerman's truck, and that's because that creep kept following the kid after the dispatch said he should stop.

  34. William Harmon

    "My god i can't wait until your genaration dies off you racist prick you have no logic you have the ignorance of a thousand nations. travon being a thug has nothing to do with the case the FACTS are he was going to get CANDY for his little brother on his walk back home he was shot to death. how would you feel if your daughter was rape by whome ever after she purchase some skittles at a 7-11 for you.

  35. Stephanie Augustine

    Jay Mclwee Please present some evidence OTHER than the word of the killer that Martin struck first. You can't. There were no witnesses to the start of the fight, and whether Zimmerman attacked first or Martin attacked first is complete conjecture on your part. I would suggest that a guy who just shot someone and is trying to cover is own ass is bound to say, "Well, the other guy started it." But IMO, the guy with the gun and who had been taking MMA training for over a year is probably the one who felt confident starting a fight.

  36. William Harmon

    "My god i can't wait until your genaration dies off you racist prick you have no logic you have the ignorance of a thousand nations. travon being a thug has nothing to do with the case the FACTS are he was going to get CANDY for his little brother on his walk back home he was shot to death. how would you feel if your daughter was rape by whome ever after she purchase some skittles at a 7-11 for you.

  37. Sandra Brooks

    It constantly amazes me that "Stand your ground" and Trayvon Martin are joined. If you check you will find that "Stand your ground" had nothing to do with that trial. They conveniently leave out the fact that Trayvon had several minutes to go to his father's home just a football field away. He chose, instead, to confront Zimmerman. We must again learn to be responsible for our actions in the country.

  38. William Harmon

    " I would pay 2 midgets to put on SAND PAPER CONDOMS to f*** your mouth" then i will shove alcohol down your thorat. you dont desreve to speak your ignorance is that of a slave owner

  39. Sandra Brooks

    We have no idea how the incident affected the mental health of Zimmerman.

  40. Jennifer DelMastro Warren

    Who wrote this article? People need to their facts straight. Zimmerman did not get off because of stand your ground. He was acquitted because it was considered SELF DEFENSE. Maybe the moms need to be fighting against that instead… no one should be allowed to protect themselves when they feel their lives are in danger. And, nobody that I know of is considering Zimmerman a hero in any sense of the word.

  41. Amuse Bouche

    Stephanie Augustine, you’re not interested in the facts. You state your opinion as the truth. It wasn’t murder , it was self defense. George Zimmerman isn’t a creep, the creep is, oops, WAS Tray Tray. George Zimmerman IS a HERO. One less dirt bag walking through nice neighborhoods scouting to break and enter.

  42. Jim Walker

    An interesting argument if you forget the fact that Zimmerman never should have left his vehicle in the first place. You say everyone should have the right not to be intimidated. Everyone? Then why not Trayvon Martin? He didn't know George Zimmerman from Adam. All he knew was a strange man was following him, had intentionally gotten in front of him and then when he passed, gotten out of his vehicle and was following him again. Honestly, who started the intimidating? By your logic, Trayvon Martin had the right to not be intimidated, "stand his ground" and use deadly force if necessary to protect himself. It's just that simple.

  43. Anonymous

    And Joseph how educated are you? You look like a nut on your pic. You're mostly likely walking around here with a hs ged, and commenting on parenting and education. What a f-joke.

  44. Joseph Schriefer

    dman2g its ok, I understand your need to resort to juvenile insults because you have no retort to my factual points.

  45. Joseph Schriefer

    dman2g its ok, I understand your need to resort to juvenile insults because you have no retort to my factual points.

  46. Anonymous

    Also, p—- like you need a gun to defend yourselves with guns when in altercations with teenagers. Hit the weight room bro. SYG is for cowards. SYG on your own without a gun, pussy.

  47. Paul Richter

    William Harmon So you're saying GZ (despite evidence to the contrary) just walked up to TM and shot him for no reason? I think you missed a few critical events between skittles and bullet.

  48. Chuck Burrows

    what liberals want is everyone to have a better chance of becoming a victim of the criminals , stand your ground is just another way of saying self defense

  49. Anonymous

    Dummy, why does the photo matter. What would you prefer, a photo that would less humanize Trayvon. News flash hillbilly, black folks are human too. New pic, old pic, no pic, fool. Regardless of photos and race, we are all human beings.

  50. Anonymous

    Beads of Hope – I see the klan still lives on. You're ignorant, probably uneducated, live in a trailor park, and unhappy with your life.

  51. John H. Evans

    And they called Zimmerman a racist, Ha Ha Ha All you have to do is read and you will know who is racist, Fulton and Davis, And if you think that if that young boy was white that Fulton would come forward to help, she is as racist as they come.

  52. John H. Evans

    You mean after all this time and evidence, You would consider that the truth will set you free, But as we see in Stephanie's remark they will stand behind this kid knowing what he was and what he did, but the truth is in the color of YOUR skin.

  53. John H. Evans

    You mean after all this time and evidence, You would consider that the truth will set you free, But as we see in Stephanie's remark they will stand behind this kid knowing what he was and what he did, but the truth is in the color of YOUR skin.

  54. John H. Evans

    All I can say is this, the trail brought out the truth and the evidence was brought forward and found that our justice system brought justice, NOW all these white people you are talking about don't believe in OUR justice system. This WHITE GUILT has got to stop, And to see your picture I thought that you would be a little more intelligent than that. From what I see what happened that night was someone was playing the KNOCKOUT GAME and LOST.

  55. John H. Evans

    Harmon YOU ARE AN IDIOT where he was going had NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT HAPPENED , HE started a fight and was shot PERIOD again PERIOD, Bunch of dummys

  56. Jeff Becker

    When will you liberals ever get it right? George Zimmerman's defense team did NOT use the "Stand Your Ground" law for his defense. It was simply a case of self defense that ALL states have! There is NO comparison between the cases of Zimmerman and Michael Dunn. Dunn did attempt to use the "Stand Your Ground" law UNSUCCESSFULLY when he murdered an innocent kid. I would be willing to bet that 90% of the people who supported George Zimmerman in his case did NOT support Michael Dunn. The court system worked well in both cases (although no charges should have been brought against Zimmerman). I used the 90% figure because 10% on each side of the extremist psycho’s.

  57. Joseph Schriefer

    What you seem to be confused by is Zimmerman did NOTHING illegal and NOTHING to warrant trayvon violently attacking him. This is why Zimmerman was in the right. Think critically.

  58. Bobcatbob Ingram

    A young black guy swore and testfied that Trayvon was on top of George striking him seconds before the gun was fired. Are You one of those white racist who won't believe the only witness because he's black. ??
    Are You calling the Young man a liar ??

  59. Bobcatbob Ingram

    Dexter Webb Did Trayvon have the right to a attack George, knock him down and beat his head into the concrete ? Thats what the only witness claimed he saw , seconds before the gun fired .

  60. Bobcatbob Ingram

    William Harmon You left out the part where he attacks George, knocks him down and beats his head into the cement. Why do You lie ?

  61. Bobcatbob Ingram

    Jim Walker I want my community 'guard' to leave his car and inquire. Thats what should be done to protect everyone. BTW what was Trayvon doing for the 4 mins between the 1st 911 call and the gun being fired ?? What was he doing ???

  62. John Thomas

    Tom Elkin that's not what happened. Police told Zimmerman to back off, he did and he eventually lost sight of Martin. The problem is, is that when Zimmerman walked back to his vehicle, Martin had circled back which was why the crime scene was close to Zimmerman's truck and not in between houses within the neighborhood. Zimmerman may very well have been a want to be cop, but the evidence still supports the fact that Martin was the want to be thug by making the confrontation instead of simply walking home.

  63. Phil Schneider

    Martin attacked GZ. It was not the other way around. That is why 12 jurors found him NOT guilty. You were not in the courtroom cuz! If someone attacks me or my family, I have the right to defend myself and it may involve DEADLY force. Maybe you'll think twice before deciding to become a criminal. It could cause YOUR DEATH! Criminals BEWARE!!!!

  64. Rachel Marie

    Zimmerman celebrated?? He's the most hated man in America right now. Even most Gun supporters aren't willing to touch him because of this controversy! The only ones making him a celebrity at all are the people obsessed with hating him. Congrats for keeping him in the headlines!
    As for Stand Your Ground — with a little research you'd realize the trial to prove a SYG case is very difficult and was not used in EITHER the court trials of Zimmerman or Alexander. The fact that Martin's parents are using this to start a movement/nonforprofit while also trademarking their deceased son's name is very odd to me. They were there at the trials and know full well that SYG was not part of the reason Zimmerman was let go.

    More details about SYG via

    "The reason is that the rules for for the hearing are quite different — and more difficult for the defendant — than those of a criminal standard trial where guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In a standard criminal trial, the defendant must be found “not guilty” if jurors have a reasonable doubt as to his guilt. Innocence does not need to be proven; all reasonable doubt must be eliminated to justify a conviction. A “Stand Your Ground” hearing, however, requires defendants to affirmatively prove to a judge, based on a “preponderance of evidence,” that they acted in self defense. In laymen’s terms, the term “preponderance of evidence” generally means “more likely than not.”"

  65. Rachel Marie

    Stephanie Augustine Don't you see you're just speculating without evidence as well? No one knows for sure what happened.

    There's witnesses that aren't too useful since it was dark and quick. The girl who Martin was talking to said that Martin verbally confronted Zimmerman first. Things happen, a teen gets shot, other than a shot wound Martin had no injuries while Zimmerman had a damaged nose and head wounds — all of those can be considered serious. While maybe Zimmerman threw a punch and just is terrible at fighting to the point that there's no evidence of Martin being injured… it's more likely that Martin (as confirmed from the phone call from his friend) verbally engaged, may not have initiated contact, but made the first and only successful physical attacks other than the final gun wound.

    As for running, at one point Martin says he walked quickly to his friend on the phone, never ran. Martin's death happened very closely to the sidewalk Zimmerman was walking which would make it impossible for Zimmerman to have run more than one house distance continuously to chase Martin ( ) Somehow in the time Zimmerman went to the corner and came back on his 911 call Martin was closer to the sidewalk that Zimmerman was walking.

  66. Rachel Marie

    To Lois:
    While I do believe the evidence points to Zimmerman defending his life — the after lash I've been seeing on facebook has really broken my heart. So many white people stood up to support the African American community, but there's been an odd increase of hate speech against white people in my newsfeed as well as sensitive topics such as racism and privilege begin to get discussed and hate, shaming and ignorance begin to get played from all sides of the debate.

    The unity and support of the white community during this trial should have brought the two races closer together – not farther apart. While hate crimes against the African America community have gone down by 50% the past 15 years, I have no doubt we'll see a sad increase in hate crimes all across the board once the statistics get posted. Too much hate in rash judgments in the air.

  67. Rachel Marie

    Phil Schneider I've found in this case everyone's excuse for hating the opposite opinion has been "Dumb Liberals" or "Racist Republicans" It's been ridiculously present in people discussing this case.

    I've been called every non-correct name in the book by the leftists in this situation. I'm not Christian, I'm not Republican, I'm not a gun nut, and I never considered myself white. These are just easy ways to explain "your different opinion bothers me… you must be my nemesis. I will call you a name and assume your racist now"

  68. Rachel Marie

    William Harmon Hopefully my daughter will know to get away from a suspicious man following her around a dark area. While this is a free country and Martin felt the urge to ask why he was being followed — it was not a good call. No matter what happened I understand why Martin's parents won't forgive — however- this was not your child and according to the evidence – this wasn't a rapist following a girl – it was a man whose trying to report a teenager who looked suspicious after his neighborhood became very scared of the robbers in the area.

  69. Rachel Marie

    Seriously — people on both sides should be ashamed!

    On Martin: No matter who Martin was, he didn't deserve to die. He was young and whatever faults he had he'd most likely grow out of

    On Zimmerman: Anyone willing to take out Zimmerman is worse than whoever you perceive Zimmerman to be. You think he's a wannabe cop who took justice in his own hands? If people are so against that why is he wearing a bullet proof vest? Why are people loosely associated with George in fear for their lives like his family, friends, the juror who spoke out and the people he saved from a car? Vigilante justice is why people are angry at him, yet all those people are doing exactly that to create some sense of justice. Congrats — you are a Zimmerman.

  70. Rachel Marie

    dman2g Oh look! A troll with nothing to informative to add to a conversation but an insult.

  71. Rachel Marie

    Jim Walker – Leaving a car is not a crime. And if Zimmerman was just intimidated he wouldn't have been able to shoot… it's the injuries that made the case if anything — and even those have made him the #1 hated man in America with a bounty on his head.

  72. Rachel Marie

    Court Evidence shows that the shoot was near the husbands head. Many people are confused because the media has shown it as "shot into the ceiling" when it didn't hit a ceiling until one room over. They also said kids were home… not in the room near the father.

    The irony is that because she didn't attack anyone she's up for 3 counts of 20 years for endangerment for each of the kids and the father. Now THAT'S a law that should get fix….

  73. Rachel Marie

    According to evidence Zimmerman didn't provoke a fight though. He may have installed fear by following… but when I've had people follow me — I LEAVE ASAP. I don't approach the person for fear of my life — but I am legally able too if I want to put myself in a dangerous situation.

    His friend reported that during Martin's last phone call that Martin verbally demanded to know why Zimmerman was following him, to which Zimmerman asked what he was doing in the area….. the phone call then ends. We don't know for certain what happened then.. but Martin talking to the person following him put himself in danger… just like Zimmerman following Martin put himself in danger. Someone attacked (based on the injury report and some witnesses it appears to be Martin) and in self defense Zimmerman shot.

    There are unjust situations all the time — this is a simple case of people making bad calls that lead to a violent altercation. A teen is dead, Zimmerman will never live a normal life (nor will his family) and everyone looses.

    We're letting mobs create witch hunts and decide who should and shouldn't pay for crimes…. vigilante justice has destroyed Zimmerman's life despite going to court and being found as not guilty. Oddly enough — people are upset because Zimmerman didn't let the law handle things, and yet here he is being pursued by people taking the law into their own hands. The Irony.

  74. Rachel Marie

    Even odder is that his parents trademarked his name, quit their jobs and now spend their time running a non-for-profit with the exact same salaries they previously had to stop Stand Your Ground.

  75. Paul Cuzzort

    Tom Elkin , had you been paying attention to the trial you would know that Zimmerman did start back to his vehicle and was assaulted by Trayvon. Had Trayvon just gone on home or not assaulted Zimmerman he would still be alive.

  76. Paul Cuzzort

    Stephanie Augustine, Zimmerman was no Vigilante, he was in the Neighborhood Watch and called the police, neither of these are what Vigilantes do. You have posted so much information its as if you never even followed the trial. You make yourself out to be a total moron. You justify Trayvons assault on Zimmerman as defense for Stalking him? So who is the vigilante?

  77. Paul Cuzzort

    Stephanie Augustine , so Zimmerman magically transported himself to Trayvon's location? You think you should assault someone for being creepy?

  78. Paul Cuzzort

    I agree that Zimmerman had a good lawyer, had he a lesser lawyer he would have been railroaded to prison. Zimmerman stopped following Trayvon when the police told him too. Trayvon shouldn't have assaulted Zimmerman, how do you justify his actions? Being followed doesn't give you the right to commit felony assault.

  79. Paul Cuzzort

    Your confused. Zimmerman was a Neighborhood Watch person who was trying to make his community a better place. He saw a suspicious person and called the police. He made mistake in exiting his vehicle but stopped following when the police told him not to. Had Trayvon not decided to take justice into his own hands and assault Zimmerman for being a creepy ass cracker he would be alive today. All Trayvon had to do was go in the house or even talk to Zimmerman or call the police. Zimmerman called the police, why didn't Trayvon if he was scared? The only mistake Zimmerman made was exiting his vehicle, he broke no laws.

  80. Paul Cuzzort

    William Harmon , how do you justify Trayvons assault on Zimmerman? Did he think Zimmerman was going to take his skittles?

  81. Paul Cuzzort

    You assault someone for just looking at you your guilty of a felony. Why didn't he call the cops if he felt threatened? So your saying Trayvon was the vigilante? Why didn't he just ask Zimmerman what he was doing and then he could have waited for the cops? Hell he ran off and was close to home he could have gone on in instead of turning back.

  82. Paul Cuzzort

    If this case didn't make him crazy the females in his life will. Ex wife makes false accusations then his GF makes false accusations. He needs to stay away from people for awhile.

  83. Rachel Marie

    Paul Cuzzort I think you misunderstood my post or replied to the wrong thread.

  84. Paul Cuzzort

    Stephanie Augustine , so you think that Zimmerman would know there was no physical evidence to make him look like a liar? Did he know there were no witness to make him look bad? How did he manage to pass 2 polygraphs which he volunteered for (not the mark of a guilty man). The investigator thought Zimmerman was telling the truth and he is most likely a pro at spotting lies. When he bluffed Zimmerman and told him there was video Zimmerman said "Thank God!" also not the sign of a liar. Had he flunked the polygraphs or refused to take them and lawyered up you would have been screaming to high heaven that he must be guilty yet you give him zero credit for any of it and just write him off as a Vigilante.

  85. Paul Cuzzort

    I was referring to the part where you said Zimmerman took the law into his own hands. After reading your other posts I think you were referencing Zimmerman's critics. Doesn't come out like that tho.

  86. Paul Cuzzort

    So you would shoot someone for following you? Why not call the cops? Why resort to violence? That's the kind of thinking that got Trayvon killed?

  87. Peter Navarro

    I don't think Zimmerman is a celebrity by any means. However, I do belileve he was within his rights to defend himself. His story was very consistent from the beginning. I believe he was attacked after stopping his pursuit and I believe that Martin was the aggressor in the fight. About Stand Your Ground, I trust it is a good law as the option would be to run when attacked and if the attacker is armed that can get you killed. I believe you should be able to defend yourself regardless of where you are. I have not seen nor heard of any evidence that Zimmerman did not act in self defense. In all criminal cases there is a lot of assumptions and fabrications presented as fact by the DA;s office. That is not evidence. The guy was innocent until proven guilty and he was not poven guilty. Also this case had nothing to do with stand your ground. Gun control advocates are trying to use this case as an excuse when the case had nothing to do with that law. People are always saying how many people have been killed by guns and they always seen to ignore how many lives have been saved with guns. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. The criminal will always be able to get an illegal gun. How long have drugs been illegal and you don't see any shortage of drugs for criminals. They have always been able to get their drugs no matter how illegal they may be.

  88. Jim Pietrowski

    Enough of this BS about Trayvon. The facts is da facts. If he didn't jump on GZ and beat on him he probably would be alive today. Unfortunately he was a troubled teen. His mom was unloading him on the father, she had enough.

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