Harry Styles New House

Is Harry Styles Buying A New House In Los Angeles?

Is Harry Styles packing his bags and moving to a new house in the United States?

Before you start wondering if this is the end of One Direction, it’s worth noting that fellow singer Niall Horan purchased a home in the United States last year. Just because Styles is thinking about buying some property in Los Angeles doesn’t necessarily mean he’s bidding farewell to the band. However, it could mean that he’ll spend less time in the United Kingdom.

According to The Huffington Post, Harry Styles recently dropped approximately $4.3 million on a brand new home somewhere in the wilds of L.A. Although the singer has yet to officially confirm the purchase, an anonymous source believes it’s essentially a done deal.

“Harry’s only told a few people and not many people know the exact location of the pad, but it is fairly spectacular, with an outdoor pool, home entertainment room and gym,” someone told the publication about Styles and his recent purchase.

The insider added, “Harry loves L.A. and feels really at home there. He also gets less hassled there because people are used to seeing A-listers all over the place.”

Metro points out that Harry Styles probably isn’t moving to Los Angeles just because Kendall Jenner calls the city home. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer and the model ended their relationship not too long ago due to the One Direction heartthrob’s workload.

If anything, Harry Styles is buying a home in Los Angeles to focus a little more on his acting career. Reports recently suggested that he spent some time with Wolf of Wall Street star Leonardo DiCaprio to discuss getting his foot in the Hollywood door.

“Leo’s production company Appian Way has at least ten movie projects in the works with roles that could interest Harry. Leo’s invited Harry over to his house for a long weekend when their schedules allow to talk work and women. Bradley Cooper will probably be around too,” another anonymous source dished.

For the moment, let’s assume that Harry Styles’ recent purchase has absolutely nothing to do with the future of One Direction. Since the guy obviously has money to spare, he’s probably just adding another piece of property to his growing portfolio. According to members of the group, the fellas are writing material for a brand new album.

Are you a fan of Harry Styles? What do you think about the singer purchasing a new home in Los Angeles?

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