Titanfall Hack Provides Aimbot, Wallhack Cheats For PC, Will Xbox One Be Affected?

A Titanfall hack for the PC was pretty much inevitable. Most PC games have been plagued with multiplayer cheats since online multiplayer first was possible, and the Titanfall cheats are pretty the same. But is the Xbox One version safe from cheaters?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Titanfall’s multiplayer based single player campaign may represent the next new trending in gaming, with Halo and Destiny potentially following suit.

The worst case of cheating I ever personally remember seeing was in a Battlefield series match. The sky literally began raining battle cruisers and carriers in order to squash me flat. Fortunately, nowadays such blatant cheating has become a little bit harder to pull off and it’s easier to ban those who are caught.

The Titanfall game engine is actually a heavily modified Source engine that also powered Left 4 Dead 2 and the more recent Half Life episodes. As such, making a Titanfall hack might have been a little easier than usual since coders could have used the old programs to create the new Titanfall cheats.

So far there are two major cheat programs that are circulating on the internet. The first is the Titanfall wallhack, which allows you to see all enemies on the screen by drawing a colored square around their location. To a certain extent this functions similar to the active radar pulse ability built into the game.

The next up is the notorious Titanfall autoaim hack. With a click of a button the program aims at enemies and fires for you. But spotting these Titanfall cheats are not as easy as you might think. The well-programmed hack allows cheaters to adjust the aiming speed, the delay between aiming and shooting, and even the maximum distance targeting distance. This makes the reaction time of the autoaim more “human” and thus makes it more difficult to detect.

Of course, Respawn is not new to this game and they’re already keeping tabs on the Titanfall cheaters:

The good news is that Titanfall cheats for the Xbox One should be more rare but they’re not entirely impossible. Console gaming cheats use a PC-based software program called a packet sniffer that intercepts all the network traffic being sent by your Xbox One. This used to have legitimate uses for console gaming. For example, Halo 1 was LAN only but a packet sniffer-based program allowed internet gaming back in the day. But it’s possible a Titanfall hack for the Xbox One could find loopholes in the network code to allow cheating.

It’s also possible Respawn realized the potential for Xbox One cheating and created the Titanfall packet sniffer on purpose. In the game, the packet sniffer is a burn card that enhances the active radar pulse. But if you try and search the internet for a Titanfall packet sniffer then all you tend to find is results related to the game, which is hardly a Titanfall hack.

How do you think Respawn should combat Titanfall cheats for the Xbox One? Do you think gamers should have their Xbox One Live accounts revoked?