‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Is Little Lizzie Sacrificed In ‘The Grove?’

The Walking Dead spoilers are always hard to come by, and not always accurate. The leaked photo of Meryl turning into a walker last season was one TWD spoiler alert which panned out, but there is no guarantee the supposed happenings of “The Grove” you are about to read are true or even a little true.

Fans eager to see if Daryl goes back to the dark side of his youth or finds and rescues sweet Beth and they grab a brief kiss amid a backdrops of drooling walkers, will be disappointed in “The Grove.” According to The Walking Dead spoilers currently swirling around the Internet, this week’s episode of the most popular show on television will focus solely on Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika, and baby Judith.

As the creepy preview for The Walking Dead “The Grove” episode has already shown, a little girl appears to be playing tag with a walker outside of a quaint little white house as eerie music plays. TWD spoilers compiled on PopDust and show fan websites, indicate that Carol and Tyreese take Lizzie, Mika, and baby Judith stay at the home while seeking a break from walking the tracks and for refuge from the walkers.

Carol is played by Melissa McBride, Tyreese by Chad Coleman, Lizzie by Brighton Sharbino and her onscreen sister Mika by Kyla Kenedy. Walking Dead fans hopeful that Carl will realize his first girlfriend in Lizzie appear to have missed the mark if TWD spoiler alerts are accurate. It appears that Carol may be at it again. The mother figure for the orphaned girls might just be willing to sacrifice little Lizzie for the greater good of surviving human kind.

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