‘Ride Along 2’ Scores An Official Release Date

Ride Along 2 now has an official release date. The movie hasn’t started production just yet, but at least you know when it will arrive in theaters.

Although this writer assumed the folks at Universal Pictures would release the Ride Along sequel at some point next year, apparently the studio isn’t in a huge rush to get the flick into theaters. Unfortunately, that means you’ll have to wait a little longer than expected for the follow-up to arrive.

According to Cinema Blend, Ride Along 2 is presently scheduled to tickle your cinematic funny bone on January 15, 2016. Since Universal had a lot of luck releasing the original in January, apparently the studio is hoping that lightning will strike the same month twice.

It’s really no surprise that producers are trying their best to get a Ride Along sequel off the ground as soon as possible. Kevin Hart is a huge box office draw right now, which means they want to strike while the Hollywood iron is still flaming hot. The Inquisitr previously reported that the stand-up comedian and Ice Cube will both return for the follow-up. Director Tim Story is reportedly coming back as well.

Ice Cube said Universal didn’t hesitate to start discussing a sequel once the movie started making a ton of cash around the world. Not only did the flick make a considerable chunk of change in the US, it also did strong business in several foreign markets.

The rapper recently told The Associated Press:

“When the studio saw the preview numbers, they were excited, so we are in good shape. It was something we weren’t expecting, but we have a script and we might be ready to shoot in June or July. The film has also done well in Egypt and Lebanon. Hopefully we’ll go to other territories, like hitting Australia with it.”

How much money has Ride Along made since arriving in theaters last January? According to Box Office Mojo, the film has raked in $140 million worldwide. This isn’t bad at all considering Universal only spent approximately $25 million on the production budget.

Fans will no doubt drop their hard-earned cash on the flick one more time when it hits DVD and Blu-ray in the coming weeks. Amazon lists the home video release date as April 15, which is just around the corner. As always, this date is subject to change without a moment’s notice.

Are you looking forward to Ride Along 2? Did you think Universal would release the sequel before 2016?

[Image via Collider]