Solar Flares: Strong M-Class Burst Released From The Sun

The Sun unleashed an M-Class solar flare late yesterday. The strong mid-level solar flare was captured in a series of images by the Solar Dynamics Observatory operate by NASA. The solar flare was classified at a strength of M9.3 and was nearly powerful enough to be deemed an X-Class solar flare – the strongest on the scale.

Sunspot AR1996 was the area of origin for the solar flare. The sunspot is on its way out of cycle. The solar flare”briefly altered” low-frequency transmitters around the world, according to SpaceWeather. Sunspot AR1996 is reportedly fading and is located on the eastern limb of the Sun, which mitigated the effects on Earth.

Space weather watchers were not immediately sure if a coronal mass ejection (CME) followed the burst from Sunspot AR1996. Both M-Class and X-Class solar flares are powerful enough to prompt geomagnetic storms on Earth. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Sun unleashed its most powerful solar flare of 2014 late last month. The February 24 flare stemmed from Sunspot AR1990.

sunspot AR1996