CM Punk

CM Punk To Appear on “Talking Dead”, Will He Talk WWE Return?

I think we can all be honest as WWE fans and say that we are disappointed that CM Punk walked out of the company the night after the Royal Rumble back in January. The WWE even came to his hometown of Chicago, IL, and he still refused to show. Punk was set to make an appearance on Comedy Central’s @Midnight, yet cancelled months ago. Now, he is set to be on AMC’s Talking Dead this Sunday night.

As many may be aware, Talking Dead is an AMC TV show that is basically an after-show for The Walking Dead, the hit zombie drama series on the same channel. CM Punk happens to be a massive comic book fan, which is what The Walking Dead was before it hit television. Punk has expressed his love of the show and other comic book movies/series, so it comes as no surprise that he would appear on the show. This would also not be his first time being on.

What is most surprising, however, is that CM Punk is actually making the appearance. This is his first televised appearance since he left WWE in January. As a result, many, and I mean MANY, want to know what is going on.

Chris Hardwick is said to be friends with Punk. He also happens to host @Midnight as well. Interesting, isn’t it? Could this just be Punk’s way of making things up to Chris? Will Chris, as a friend, ask the questions we all want the answers to?

Why did Punk leave? Will The Straight Edge Superstar come back? We want answers to these burning questions as fans.

There are rumors floating around that WWE has made a silent return angle for Punk, but many believe it to be false. WWE wants Punk back exponentially as he is a massive star for them that moves merchandise and helps ratings. Clearly, Punk is a must-have entering WrestleMania 30 this April. We’re just weeks away from the event, and Punk not being there would be horrific.

Some think that CM Punk will appear to help Daniel Bryan defeat Triple H at WrestleMania, where Bryan can go on to compete for and win the WWE World Title in the main event on the same night. We all know that Bryan will be in the main event, which means we all know he will beat Triple H.

What we don’t know is how he will do it, so some speculate that Punk will come back to help Bryan. It is well documented inside and outside of the ring that the two are friends, so it would make total sense. Plus, it would set up an angle that dives into real life, as Punk would enter a program with Triple H, who is now an executive in the WWE. Punk returning sure would bring a huge pop to the show and potentially this could be a return for Punk until his contract ends this summer.

Obviously Hardwick being both a fan and friend of Punk may steer from the hard questions, but many WWE fans will be glued to their TV screens this Sunday after The Walking Dead goes off the air. That’s when things will really get interesting, because Punk might talk Walking Dead, but he will have to talk WWE too. He really has no other option, because people want answers.

While CM Punk does not have to give answers out, he knows they are coming. So why would he appear on a show, knowing what was coming, then dodge the questions? It’s up for debate. The only thing we know now is this, Punk is going to be on TV. What will come of it, we will have to wait and see.