Rachel McAdams drops out of Sci-Fi movie

Rachel McAdams Departure Latest Problem For ‘Passengers’

Rachel McAdams leaving the romantic Science Fiction film Passengers is just the latest roadblock for the Keanu Reeves project.

McAdams had been attached to Passengers almost from the start and would have likely played Reeves love interest as the two shot through space to a colonized planet.

The film was supposed to be a picture that would have had Rachel and Keanu traveling aboard a vessel that would take 120 years to reach its destination. During the voyage, Reeves’ character’s stasis pod malfunctions and he awakes 100 years too early.

After spending some time with nothing more than robots and a computer as company, he decides to wake McAdams’ character (Aurora) who is a reporter also traveling on the ship. Eventually Rachel and Keanu find a spark and began a romance together, knowing they will be living out their lives on the ship as it rockets towards it final destination.

Originally slated for an April 3, 2015 release date, Passengers has now been taken off the schedule and the Hollywood Reporter says Rachel McAdams has officially left the project.

Passengers will need to fix a lot more than merely finding a new female lead now that McAdams is gone. The Weinstein Co. who initially purchased the rights to the film has now backed away from the movie.

Reeve’s flick was originally set to start shooting next month in Germany but the departure of McAdams and the production team made that impossible.

Comingsoonnet reports the distributor, CAA is now shopping the project, with Reeves still attached but Rachel moving on to other studios in order to keep it going.

This news is the second piece of bad news for McAdams fans this week. Early in the week, Lindsey Lohan went on a late night show and talked about the possibility of a Mean Girls reunion. That film has been widely regarded as the one that gave Rachel her Hollywood start.

After Lohan’s tease, Tina Fey had to come out and set the record straight, saying no second movie was in the works. She did say some sort of reunion, with the movies stars, including McAdams might eventually come to fruition in some way, shape or form.

Despite the fact that Rachel has dropped out of working on Passengers, McAdams certainly won’t be searching for work. Rachel McAdams has her name tied to at least three other projects over the next few years including a new untitled Cameron Crowe film that is currently is post production and should be officially unveiled soon.