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Jon Cryer Always Had A Strong ‘Gay Vibe,’ Says Molly Ringwald

Jon Cryer Pretty In Pink

Jon Cryer isn’t gay, though he certainly puts out the vibe. This is what Molly Ringwald thinks, anyway.

The Pretty in Pink star caused a stir a few years ago when she suggested that Cryer’s character from the flick was gay. Although Jon previously shot down rumors about Duckie’s sexuality, the actress isn’t ready to let the topic die.

During her recent chat with Pride Source, Ringwald discussed the matter once again. When the publication pointed out that Jon Cryer didn’t think Duckie was homosexual, she decided to address the actor’s vibe.

“What did he say? Well, obviously, I think… I think Jon has always been… there’s something, and I guess now you would call it ‘metrosexual.’ You know, he kind of had the gay vibe but is not gay,” she explained.

The actress added, “It’s interesting because in the original script, the original idea was to have Duckie and Andie get together — and by the way, this is all me saying this. I don’t know or think that Jon was even aware of any of this. Like, I think he didn’t totally understand. Now, if he was here to talk about it, he would probably disagree with me.”

When Molly said back in 2012 that Duckie didn’t know he was gay, Jon Cryer decided to weigh in on the matter. Although the character was reportedly based on one of Ringwald’s friends, the Two and a Half Men disagreed with her observation.

“She actually said that if one projected beyond the movie, that Duckie would be out by now. And I respectfully disagree. I want to stand up for all the slightly effeminate dorks that are actually heterosexual,” Cryer told Zap2It.

Jon added, “Just cause the gaydar is going off, doesn’t mean your instruments aren’t faulty. I’ve had to live with that, and that’s okay.”

The actor previously stated that many Pretty in Pink fans believe Duckie is gay, though Jon Cryer insists he didn’t intentionally play the character that way. During his appearance on Lopez Tonight a few years ago, he said folks often assume that he’s homosexual as well. However, the actor said he’s offended that no one has ever tried to hit on him.

“Besides the fact that I am not actually gay… [no] gay men… have ever come on to me. If everybody thinks I’m gay, why aren’t you guys coming on to me?” he joked.

Are you a fan of Jon Cryer? Do you believe that his Pretty in Pink character is gay?

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38 Responses to “Jon Cryer Always Had A Strong ‘Gay Vibe,’ Says Molly Ringwald”

  1. Marvin Thayer

    It is interesting that heterosexual people think he is gay, but gay people don't. At least they don't think he is gay enough to come on to.

  2. Michelle Eavey

    Just listening to "Duckies" speech in the movie comes across as a little effeminate. Jon Cryer was so meant to play Duckie….Blaine? His name is Blaine? That's not a name, ugh it's a major appliance….lol

  3. Cheri Thomas

    i personally think the other actor came across as gay in Pretty in Pink, not Jon Cryer. Blaine, the rich boy who was too afraid to be seen taking Andie to the school dance…that character was the more effeminate male by far.

  4. Schindler A Evano

    Nobody hits on him because like he even admits, He has always been compared to Matthew Broderick which is out of the closet. Personally, I have always been a fan of Jon Cryer so not to be disrespectful…. Why go after imitation cheese when you can have the real thing.

  5. Karla Dooley

    Matthew Broderick is not "out". He is married to SJP for goodness sake!

  6. Kathy Mullen

    Never liked Molly Ringwald. Maybe she's jealous that Jon Cryer still have a career!

  7. Kathy Mullen

    I grew up in the 80's and love this movie and his character. never-ever thought he was gay. He was that dorky weird guy not gay.

  8. Chricha

    I'm a huge fan of Cryer , but I also agree with Molly, he kinda puts out the gay vibe. (♥‿_♥)

  9. Andre Reichenbacher

    Apparently Molly is a jazz/blues "lounge singer" now. She was here in Maine at Husson in Bangor last year for an "evening of music". Color me unimpressed. And does anyone else remember her short-lived ABC sitcom "Townies"? It co-starred Jenna Elfman and Lauren Graham. Jeez!

  10. Brian Heist

    I never thought Duckie was gay… he was what we always called, way back then, "alternative". I always thought he was pretty cool for not being afraid or ashamed of who he was. Although I have become very disheartened with his character on Two and a half men.

  11. Robert Evans

    The character 'Duckie' was not gay. He was alternative/new wave when it was just getting popular. It was the start of the Gothic scene when straight guys were wearing dresses and different outfits at Goth Clubs.

  12. Jeff Glenn

    if jon cryer is gay please send his wife, lisa joyner, to spend the rest of her life with me. lisa was a weather and entertainment reporter in L.A. jon is a great actor with a lot of sensitivity. molly, when is the last time you visited your vet about those teeth of yours … just sayin'

  13. Emily Rugburn

    In hindsight, I would now believe that Ducky was a closeted homosexual. Hell, we didn't see that Rob Halford was gay and he was flaunting it right out in the open. Times have changed, and I think for the better, because now you pretty much know if someone is gay or not.

  14. Mark Loperano

    Loved Molly Ringwald, disappointed in these statements perhaps she needs the publicity Jon is still working while she has disappeared….Ducky was not in the least gay, Blaine most certainly was…

  15. Mark Loperano

    Yeah, guess you couldn't tell Freddie Mercury was either? Ducky in love with Sammie err Claire ummm Andie (lol) not gay at all! Molly please, I loved you back then, sorry you're hocking books right now and not working in Hollywood like Jon is, but please drum up publicity some other way, I mean for Christ sakes our beloved Mr. Hughes unfortunately isn't around to create another masterpiece for you to star in.

  16. Emily Rugburn

    Mark Loperano to be honest- no. Even Freddie's grandiose went right over our heads back then.

  17. Anonymous

    I liked Molly when she was married to Peter Griffin from that alternate Family Guy reality..

  18. Randall Pink

    Always thought he was gay. It comes out in all his characters, but who cares. Then again, as long as he is hiding, it will be a topic of conversation.

  19. Randall Pink

    why is she a jerk or jealous? Because she is stating the obvious. Never understood the love for Jon Cryer. He's not a good actor and the effeminate beta role is annoying. He has no range. Don't care if he is gay or not. I think he is, but who cares. It's funny that people get upset that it's under speculation considering he gives such a strong impression that he is.

  20. Randall Pink

    Great actor? What about his characters being the same same weak, pathetic, effeminate, beta male makes you think he is great? He plays the same character in every thing. So what he's gay, big deal. He acts more gay than straight. Not a reason to like or dislike him.

  21. Montgomery Clift Monroe

    I have to rematch this movie. I always thought Duckie was in love with her. I thought that was the whole point!

  22. Duane Enriquez

    If he was gay, he would have tongued Danny Potts…after practicing on his melons.
    Iona didn't say he practiced on cucumbers after all.

  23. Joe Watson

    All that alimony and child support he pays may turn him to the dark side. I saw Molly in Playboy. not bad either..

  24. Anonymous

    What we DO KNOW is that if someone less lefty than her stated what she did they would hang dem out to dry

  25. David Dunford

    One should rememebr the times they made the movie in. We had bands like Poison that wore girl make-up and dressed in pantyhose and they weren't gay. But we also had Judas Priest who dressed in leather and sang metal and the lead singer WAS gay. I'm going to simply assume that his character was just an upper middle class dweeb who was confused about everything and just trying to find where he belonged in life. That isn't a sign of being gay…it's a sign of being young.

  26. Benjamin Schiff

    That's not a very good measure of anything. If a person finds someone attractive they will hit on them regardless of the perceived sexual preference, often people don't care, and if they both like each other it was worth taking the shot.

  27. Beth McAlister Gerni

    She sounds jealous that he has become so successful. I have never read a him saying anything bad about her. He is not gay, he has class. She needs to get some.

  28. Katherine Lazzaretti

    I love Jon Cryer, quite frankly could care less if he is or is not gay…he's entertaining…

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