Justin Bieber Has A New Tattoo On His Right Arm

Justin Bieber Gets ‘Banksy’ Tattoo, The Artist Mysteriously Calls It ‘Controversial’

Justin Bieber has a new tattoo. It’s an unusual though not original choice.

The 20-year-old now has a large image of a famous work by Banksy “Balloon Girl” – a Brit graffiti artist and political activist/film director – tattooed on his right arm.

Bieber tweeted a photo of his new body art on Thursday, deleting it shortly after. The same snap can be seen at his Shots of Me page, the selfie app he invested in.

Justin’s picture is captioned “Don’t let your dreams float away” and — just like Banksy’s — shows a little girl stretching her right hand to a heart-shaped balloon.

For fans who may have nursed a hope that the singer would leave his right arm tattoo-free, the addition of a “Jester” and “Love” back in January were signs more would follow.

They can expect Bieber’s right arm to follow the way of his left and boast a complete sleeve at some point.

Justin Bieber