Sugar Is Worse Than Weed, Americans Say

According to a poll by the Wall Street Journal, Americans say that sugar is far more dangerous than marijuana. This gives a new spin to the quote “Candy is dandy,” right?

When Americans were asked to give their opinion on what the four most harmful substances were, sugar came in third at 15%. Marijuana, ganja, bush, dope, dry high, dubby, Mary Jane, Panama Red, super skunk, purple haze, Pineapple Crush, or whatever brand name given to it, only came in at 8%, all little over half of sugar.

The top two spots were understandably taken by tobacco, which came in at 49%, and alcohol, which came in at 24%. Besides the opinion these two substances are more dangerous than sugar and marijuana, it is actually backed by fact. About 88,000 deaths are linked to alcohol in some way. As for tobacco, just the staggering number of 80% of deaths in the world are related to it.

However, the cannabis industry can regard this poll as a victory. Young adults who participated in the poll have said they are following the news about states legalizing marijuana more than news about Obamacare, Ukraine, and same-sex marriage.

Also according to UPI, the poll also indicated that 57% of adults, between the ages of 18 to 35, have “seen, read, or heard a lot” of news about marijuana, compared to the 44% who were well-informed about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), 39% about Russia sending troops into the Ukraine, and 34% about courts overturning bans on same-sex marriage laws.

The poll was based on telephone interviews with 1,000 American adults, from March 5th to the 9th. The margin of error was 3.6 percentage points.

Unfortunately, most young people will only see the benefits of marijuana when it comes to partaking in the plant. Either it be through pills, humidifiers, an ingredient in prepared foods (mostly brownies), or just plain rolling it up in a blunt and smoking it, that is the primary extent of knowledge. Marijuana actually has many useful attributes besides what it is commonly used for.

The technical term for marijuana is cannabis, and it can be used for fuel, paper, food, rope, maps, clothes, nets, lace, soap, sails, shoes, plastics, explosives, caulking, fiberboard, paint, sealant, methanol, gasoline, bricks, charcoal, auto bodies, packing mass, lubricants, oil for lighting, oil for fuel, oil for lights, animal food, furniture, mats, varnish, lotions, ointments, lacquer, salad dressings, and many other commercial uses, which total to about 50,000.

Sugar, along with being worse than weed, doesn’t nearly have enough uses. Primarily, sugar can be used for cleaning, insect control, and cosmetics, but that is about it.

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