Islanders Fans To Protest: Give Us Back Our Team!

Hockey is having a bad day…first, fans of the Idaho Steelheads filed a suit over beer prices, and now, New York Islanders fans are planning a protest during Saturday’s game against the Buffalo Sabres. The reasons behind the protest are listed as follows on Isles Nation :

We are protesting the inept Isles organization and management, led by owner Charles Wang and GM Garth Snow. We are protesting the lack of progress of Garth Snow’s rebuild that has dragged out for way too long. We are protesting the lack of accountability surrounding this organization. We are protesting the constant salary of this team being at or near the NHL mandated cap floor.

This no mere snit; this protest is organized and means to hit the Islanders Management where it counts: in the pocket book. Islanders fans plan to purchase tickets from secondary sellers so as not to further line the pockets of Islanders owner Charles Wang. Fans are also asked to not purchase any items from the concession stands during the game. New York fans will be wearing their jerseys inside out, and perhaps bags over their heads. They have organized times for specific chants, and are going to try to stick together so that the chants will be picked up by the audio recording of the games. The chants will be, per Isles Nation:

With 16:00 remaining in every period, we will chant: WANG MUST SELL
With 12:00 remaining in every period, we will chant: SNOW MUST GO
With 8:00 remaining in every period, we will chant: FIRE CAPPY
With 4:00 remaining in every period, we will chant: WE WANT ANSWERS

Do the Islanders fans have a point, or are they just angered at having the worst home record in the league, with a lowly nine wins at Nassau County Coliseum? New York did just trade Thomas Vanek for Sebastian Collberg and a 2nd round draft pick. If you are asking yourself “Who in the world is Sebastian Collberg?” you aren’t alone. As it stands, Colberg is currently playing in Sweden, and has played all of two AHL games. It is this type of deal that has Islanders fans fit to be tied. While Vanek had made it known he was unhappy in New York, he was traded to Montreal for what amounts to a chance to draft another player and a player who might or might not be a top line winger. Someday.

The Islanders were once considered a dynasty in the NHL, winning four consecutive Stanley Cups from 1979-80 to 1982-83. They made the playoffs in the lockout shortened 2012-13 season, but that was their first playoff appearance since 2006. The 2006 playoff series was lost by the Islanders, oddly enough, the opponent was the Buffalo Sabres, who will be the Islanders opponents on Saturday. As the Sabres are having their own problems, it is doubtful that they and their fans will offer the Islanders fans any sympathy.