Rachel goes home

Rachel Canning Returns Home After Suing Parents For Financial Support

Rachel Canning, the New Jersey teen who sued her parents for financial support after leaving the family in October, has returned home and is trying to reconcile with her mom and dad.

The 18-year-old High School senior told her parents that she was an adult and could do as she pleased when they attempted to enforce the rules of the house on her. This led to the teen — who has been labeled a “spoiled brat” in the media — to file a lawsuit asking for financial aid for college.

Attorney Angelo Sarno — who represents Elizabeth and Sean Canning — said in a statement Wednesday that even though the young woman hasn’t withdrawn the lawsuit, she has “reunited with her parents and siblings.”

Sarno added that the publicity surrounding the case deeply damaged the family and affected Rachel Canning’s siblings in a negative way because of the “reality TV” atmosphere that ensued due to the media attention, the attorney said.