Saturn Moon ‘Enceladus’ May Be Hiding Massive Ocean

If scientists are correct Saturn’s moon Enceladus is throwing out huge chunks of debris made from salt-water vapor which could mean a vast ocean is hidden under the moons surface.

While the discovery was first made by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft years ago, it wasn’t until new measurements were taking in 2008 and again in 2009 that scientists began to realize the potential for a hidden ocean.

According to the study’s lead author there is “no plausible way” that huge salt chunks could be thrown into the atmosphere if there wasn’t water under the surface.

Another scientist explains:

“Enceladus is a tiny, icy moon located in a region of the outer solar system where no liquid water was expected to exist because of its large distance from the sun,” and “This finding is therefore a crucial new piece of evidence.”

If the findings are correct they would show that life-supporting conditions can exist on the moons of gas giants like Saturn.