Spiderman Turn Off The Dark

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Gets Broken Down Cost-By-Cost [$75 Million Spent]

One fired director, a handful of injuries and constant delays have marked the Broadway premiere of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark and with those issues has come a $75 million spending spree that can be marked by a handful of huge expenses.

So what exactly did the show spend money on? Here’s a list provided by the New York Times

  • $4 million to rent the theater for two years before opening (most shows need it just months in advance)
  • $9 million on sets, costumes, and, er, shoes
  • $8 million borrowed to renovate the theater
  • $6 million to stagehands
  • $1.2 million a week in operating costs
  • $1 million to lawyers
  • Nine years in development

According to one of the show’s producers:

“The bad news is that it was very expensive” however, “the good news is that we will not quit and we will make this a success and that’s that.”

I have to hand it to the Spider-Man Broadway team, they sure have managed to spend a whole lot of money for a show we could have done without.