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‘American Horror Story’: Could Lea Michele Join The Cast?

American Horror Story is slowly gearing up for its fourth season, and while things are slowly coming together for the FX series, possibilities are being discussed about the show season four and beyond. Those possibilities include the show’s theme, its location, and actors that may or may not join the show. While we hinted that Chloe Sevigny could be returning, there’s another famous face that what’s on the hit show.

Yesterday Glee’s Lea Michele revealed that she would love to join the cast for a small guest role. It’s not strange that Michele would speak about joining for a stint role on the show. Creator Ryan Murphy is responsible for the Fox musical dramedy Glee as well as the FX hit series, so it isn’t too out of left field.

During a sit down interview with Billboard magazine, Michele discussed her hopes for American Horror Story while promoting her new album Louder.

“I’ve basically talked to [Ryan Murphy] about it every day. If I could get my fans to start working on that for me, that would be great. I’ve been literally begging him.”

That said, if Lea Michele makes it on the show, it might have to wait until the next season, which will see the departure of the show’s regular star Jessica Lange. Despite the wait, Lea alluded that her appearance on American Horror Story could be a nice notch on her acting resume, especially when her image is concerned.

“But it would probably have to be for their season five or something like that. I think it would be a great opportunity for people in the acting world to see. I moved to L.A. after working on Broadway and immediately got Glee. People were introduced to me as Lea Michele, but really as Rachel Berry. Outside of Glee and outside of this record will be continued opportunities for people to see me as an actor and as a singer.”

So far we know that American Horror Story’s season four might have something to do with clowns. Rumors are circulating that season 4 will be about a traveling circus. Lange is said to play an owner of a German troupe rebuilding after WWII bombing.

Murphy opened up in an interview and revealed that the 1950s portion of the show will center around a particular event. While he hasn’t confirmed anything yet, it’s worth mentioning that Ringing Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus had a horrific experience when a 5-year-old’s head was crushed by an elephant. Not exactly the confirmation we’re hoping for but it’s definitely food for thought.

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