WWE Network

WWE Network: Problems Improving, But Still A Work In Progress

World Wrestling Entertainment, better known as the WWE, launched their highly anticipated network last month with a ton of incentives for wrestling fans to enjoy. The WWE Network not only provides a look at any PPV from the past in ECW, WCW, and WWE, but we also have new shows and live, in-ring action able to be seen weekly on the streaming service.

WWE did have some issues right off with the network. The main problems had to do with dropped streams and issues navigating through shows. Xbox 360 users were just now really able to use the service as apparently streams to the 360 systems didn’t work correctly. Playstation 3 and 4 users had problems, but they were able to at least use the service.

On top of this we had WWE’s NXT ArRival live event. It was the first new in-ring show on the network. It was a fantastic show…from what we saw. For most, the stream cut out before the main event in a filler match, angering many. Then, when people tried to go back to the show, it was restarted and then only went as far as when the stream cut out originally.

The NXT show as well as other live shows will be a test for WWE. Their biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania 30 cannot afford to have any streaming issues. If what happened for NXT happens for Wrestlemania, the outcry would be heard from America to China.

Pro-Wrestling fans are already a crazy breed of fans, when ticked off they can be crazy. It’s what makes WWE fans some of the best fans of any sport or form of entertainment. They are loyal and stay true to the product of pro-wrestling, but when things go wrong some can be unpredictable.

If Wrestlemania were to cut out, I could not imagine what would happen. I think WWE realizes this, so they are testing out shows and trying to work out every bug they can for now. That way, by Wrestlemania they will have everything working correctly.

Some have not experienced problems stated above, but many have. It seems that WWE is attempting to make the problems go away as they are working on the issues as much as they can. In fact, this past week alone they have managed to fix a lot of bugs. It is a new venture for them so obviously there is going to be some malfunctions at some point.

WWE Network was a smart move from Vince McMahon and the entire WWE staff. WWE fans love the product as a whole, and for only $9.99 a month, the service pays for itself after a while. Every PPV will air LIVE on the network, and you can even restart them or pause them any time. The average cost for a WWE PPV is around $50-60.

This means the average customer saves $40-50 each month off PPVs plus the infinite extra content WWE provides with the streaming service. Really, it not only saves money for wrestling fans but provides them the best library of pro-wrestling content in the world. WWE outdid themselves with it and it’s a terrific product far and away worth the $9.99 spent….when it’s working right.

WWE Network offers a great product for wrestling fans. It’s first week of operation was full of glitches and issues. The second week has had less. If they keep on this pace, no problems will exist and we can all live happy ever after.