Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Made A Sex Tape With Bobby And John F. Kennedy?

It was widely known that Marilyn Monroe was considered potentially the first real sex symbol that America had. She was a model and actress that rose to fame in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It was rumored for years that she had a relationship with former United States President John F. Kennedy who was the youngest President ever elected at the time.

Kennedy also had a brother named Bobby who happened to be in politics too and also had some rumors about a relationship with Monroe. While pictures were seen of Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy brothers, it was never officially proven that the any were involved. Although, it’s what you could call “an assumed fact” from what is known.

There is even a small national rumor that in order to avoid the press, JFK took Monroe through secret tunnels below the White House in order to not be seen with her at the home. While Marilyn will always be a sex symbol who had an iconic unique look and voice still remembered today, no one thought she was a clean-cut female.

There have been a lot of comparisons to Monroe over the years, but no one compares to the original sex symbol that was Marilyn Monroe. It was obvious that Monroe had relationships with several men, including the Yankee great Joe DiMaggio. Interestingly however,

Monroe’s relationship with Kennedy never went unnoticed and as a result thoughts of a sexual relationship were rampant for some time. Nothing could ever be proven about this as media back then was nothing like how it is today. If President Barack Obama was unfaithful, a kid with a camera phone could snap a picture and it would land on CNN in 10 minutes.

Now news has hit the Internet full force that a sex tape with not just John F. Kennedy but his brother Bobby with Monroe has been found. A three-way as it were is what is alleged to be caught on film. One man claims to have the only copy with 8mm film. Yeah, this is professional quality!

The man’s name is William Castleberry and he happens to be a former bodyguard as well as pro-memorabilia collector. If he was to be the only man with a copy, the worth of such material could be in the hundreds of millions as it would be essential proof of a Monroe relationship with both Kennedy brothers, but it would also be worth a lot due to it being Monroe.

The history within such a video is massive. Yet, the video has only be spoken about. No one has seen it to prove that it even is real. Sure a guy could claim he saw the video and that it was the only copy, but how did he come in possession of it? The video was supposed to go up for auction recently to help settle all debts Catleberry happened to have.

Interestingly enough, all debts seem to have suddenly disappeared making it to where he did not have to sell the tape. Oh it’s so wonderful that the man did not have to sell the tape on Monroe with the Kennedy brothers. I mean, obviously he’s happy he gets to keep it.

Let’s be honest for a second, it’s long rumored that Monroe had a relationship with JFK and others. Yet no tape has ever mysteriously surfaced. There has been 50 years of time and nothing has come up until now? Look-a-likes have been easy to spot for attempts of Monroe with others. The worth of such material is almost endless. So no one would keep such a tape to themselves.

Certainly no one would buy a tape without seeing it first either. Obviously, until there is legit proof I think we can all agree that no such tape exists with Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy brothers. If it did, we certainly would have known before 2014.