Apple gets offensive – goes after small startup for using App Store

It is a given that in order to protect a trademark, no matter how stupid that trademark is, that you have to exercise all legal due diligence to protect it; which in most cases means suing any company or individual that uses that trademark without permission.

Of course Apple is no slouch when it comes to this and regardless of the legal battle going on right now over their trademark of the “App Store” they are coming out with guns a blazing to protect that silly trademark.

Their newest target is a small startup called Amahi who Apple has hit with a cease and desist order for its use of App Store on the Amahi website.

Of course this makes perfect sense for Apple because the chances of some small startup having the amount of money needed to take on a company the size of Apple is – well – next to nil. So by their very presence; and financial wherewithal, Apple can exert enormous pressure on a company to fall in line regardless of whether a trademark is fundamentally flawed.

Such is the case with Amahi as they have started a “Name the Store Contest” to try and find a new name for their App Store.

Just another case of a big company bullying a smaller just because they can – nothing new there I guess.

Here is a copy of the cease and desist order as received by Amahi.

via The Next Web