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Woman Abandoned At Burger King As A Baby Now Searching For Mother

Woman Abandoned In Burger King As A Baby Now Searching For Mother

A baby girl was left in a Burger King bathroom 27 years ago in Allentown, and now that baby is searching for the mother that abandoned her. That baby, now 27-year-old Katheryn Deprill, has taken to Facebook in hopes of finding her mother.

According to Fox Baltimore, the 27-year-old from South Whitehall Township was found as a newborn in the bathroom of a Burger King in Allentown on September 15, 1986. “Someone had heard me crying and they notified the staff and they came in, I was laying there on the floor,” Deprill said. The report continued on to say that she was then put into foster care with Brenda Hollis and her family, who later adopted Deprill.

Like many children who end up in foster care or being adopted, Deprill says she only seeks the answer to a few questions from the woman who gave birth to her. Since the woman who abandoned her in the Burger King bathroom has never been found or identified, Deprill has taken to Facebook in hopes of finding her.

Katheryn Deprill Facebook Post

According to the Allentown Morning Call, Deprill knows that her birth mother might be reluctant to respond to her if she were to come across the Facebook post. The report stated that Deprill only wants to let the woman know that she is faring well in life, and “that she is neither angry nor resentful nor seeking anything beyond a few answers: What’s my background? My medical history? Why did you leave me behind?” She also stated that she wants to thank her birth mother for giving her a chance to be found in the Burger King instead of just being left to die.

“I want to say thank you for not throwing me away, literally,” Katheryn said. “If she was a young girl I would hope that we could be friends…I just hope that i can see her and maybe give her a hug.”

Deprill posted her public Facebook post on Sunday, and since them, the post has been shared over 12,600 times. With her Facebook plea being shared quickly by thousands, Deprill wants people to know that her search for her birth mother has nothing to do with the family she was raised in.

“I’m not looking to replace my brothers and sisters now or my family, my mom and dad, cause it was great, we had the best childhood,” Katheryn said. “I think it’s just kind of fun, like there are so many questions to be asked and it’s just, I am so excited about it.”

Do you think Katheryn Deprill’s Facebook post will reach her birth mother? And do you think taking to social media is a smart way to reach out in cases such as this? Share your thoughts below!

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8 Responses to “Woman Abandoned At Burger King As A Baby Now Searching For Mother”

  1. Melissa Kelly

    I'm surprised that she wants to find her. I'll never forgive my "mother" for leaving me in the hospital when i was born and then for having my grandmother raise me >:( I could have had a better life, Sharon…

  2. Tee Frierson-Bates

    maybe its easier to 4give in her situation cause she did have a better life

  3. Tee Frierson-Bates

    I hope u can look over all the judgmental and ignorant discouragement that is thrown ur way. Wishing u the best in ur search :)

  4. Roy Nancy Medeiros

    She dumped you on the floor of a public restroom because you were not important to her. A simple DNA test will tell you all you want to know about your heritage. You do not want to know anyone who knew about you being left on the floor like a tossed used tissue, trust me. Go home and hug your real parents!

  5. Saul Funes

    God bless you be cause you have a wonderful heart. And you dont hate you real mother. Because. No body knows what was the problem with her.

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