Rachel Canning Claims Parents Physically Abused Her In College Tuition Lawsuit

Rachel Canning Claims Parents Physically Abused Her In College Tuition Lawsuit

Rachel Canning became instantly infamous after news about her suing her own parents over college tuition became viral. And, as might be expected, Twitter is not amused. But was Rachel Canning abused by her parents in a serious fashion?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the lawsuit started after Canning left her home and her parents insisted she “abide by a curfew, complete her household chores, and respect the members of her family.” But the parents also stopped paying for their daughter’s tuition and took away the family vehicle she had previously used. They claim the boyfriend is responsible for manipulating her into the lawsuit and they feel frustrated over the whole situation:

“We love our child and miss her. This is terrible. It’s killing me and my wife. We have a child we want home.”

Rachel Canning’s lawsuit is as about as weird as it gets, but is the situation as one-sided as it appears? Rachel claims her parents “abused” her both emotionally and physically. As part of this “severe and excessive verbal and physical abuse,” she claims the mother gave her an eating disorder with constant quips over her weight, including calling her “porky.” They also supposedly mentally abused her over getting a basketball scholarship, but since she weighed 92 pounds she was no longer healthy enough to qualify, which angered her parents.

The father supposedly would get her drunk (she’s just 18 years old now) to the point of passing out. Once she claims she was awakened for a game of beer pong in the middle of the night. Rachel claims her father was inappropriately affectionate toward her:

“He mentioned frequently that my relationship in his eyes was not one of a daughter, but more than that.In the summer before my senior year he got me drunk at a wedding and said I was his date. He kept giving me shots and mango martinis. I blacked out that night and woke up at the toilet bowl in our room and he was in bed.”

Apparently, one of the letters from her parents even used the phrase “yolo”:

In addition to the college tuition, Canning also wants a judge to order her parents to pay for therapy bills and also child support for the family she’s living with (presumably, her boyfriend). But the parents say that all the allegations made in the court filing are lies and they also say Rachel misled her child welfare worker. Their lawyer, Laurie Rush-Masuret, also restated the parents’ wishes for their child to come home:

“To be clear, my clients never abandoned nor abused their child and they have asked her to come home.”

Regardless, people on Twitter are not amused by this teen suing her parents:

Do you think Rachel Canning’s lawsuit is fair based upon the situation? Or should she just get a job or take a student loan like everyone else?