Candace Cameron Bure Reveals She’s Joining Dancing With The Stars

Candace Cameron Bure just announced that is set to join Dancing With the Stars as one of the show’s celebrity competitors. The Full House star is teaming up with professional dancer Mark Ballas for season 18.

The actress recently came under fire for comments she made in her new book entitled Balancing It All, in which she describes how she assumed a submissive role in her marriage to former hockey player Valeri Bure.

The mother of three is also well known for her deep and spiritual faith in God, accrediting the woman she is today to it. In her book she outlines that God comes first in her life and helps her to keep a cool head as she faces the stresses of a busy acting career as well as being a dedicated mother and wife.

Candace Cameron Bure received a lot of support on social media from fans following her announcement that she would be joining the ABC dance competition. One fan offered the following words of encouragement to Candace: “So happy for you! Let your light shine, Candace and we will be cheering you on!” she posted.

The issue is that the show gets pretty raunchy when it comes to its exotic dance routines and sexy costumes. How does that fact fit in with Candace Cameron Bure’s Christian values and beliefs?

One fan even posted a comment urging her to take a stand and ensure she dresses “modestly”: “Excited to see your wardrobe choices. Hoping for classy, MODEST, beautiful outfits. We’re counting on you!. Please don’t be like the rest, keep it clean! Do not be conformed to this world! God Bless you!”

Even though Candace Cameron Bure‘s family have been criticized in the past for their outspoken beliefs about gay marriage, Candace will be hoping to bring her spirituality to Dancing With the Stars to make Season 18 a must-watch.

Anyway, she was so happy to have been selected that she couldn’t resist Tweeting about it: