Sam Miller Fronczak

Texas Man Believes He Was Kidnapped At Birth, Could Be Missing Fronczak Baby

A Texas man believes he was kidnapped from a Chicago hospital shortly after his birth. Although he was raised as Sam Miller, the 50-year-old man thinks he could be Paul Joseph Fronczak — who was kidnapped in 1964. The Fronczak kidnapping gained national attention, as the bizarre details continue to unfold.

In April 1964, Paul Joseph Fronczak vanished from Michael Reese Hospital. Dora Fronczak said a woman dressed like a nurse took her son from her arms and left the room. Unfortunately, the nurse and the infant were never seen again.

Stolen Baby

One year later, an abandoned child was discovered in a stroller in New Jersey. As he matched the description of the missing infant, he was taken to the Fronczak family for identification. Dora and Chester agreed that the child was indeed their missing son.

Child Found

At the age of 10, Paul Joseph Fronczak began questioning his true identity. While searching for hidden Christmas gifts, the young boy stumbled upon numerous documents about his kidnapping and eventual reunion with his parents.

When questioned, Dora and Chester offered few details. They simply reassured Paul that they loved him. Although the questions haunted him for years, his parents were unwilling to discuss the incident.

Years later, following the death of his parents, Paul requested a DNA test. When he got the results he was stunned. The DNA test revealed that Paul was not biologically related to Dora or Chester Fronczak. Unfortunately, the results led to more questions than answers.

Paul has no idea who he really is or where he came from. The results also prompted to authorities to reopen the 1964 case, as the real Paul Joseph Fronczak is obviously still missing.

Although the case remains a mystery, Sam Miller thinks he may have the answers. The Texas man believes he was kidnapped at birth and could be the missing Fronczak child.

Following the death of his parents, a family member revealed that Miller was adopted. As he was born on Chicago in 1964, he compared his baby pictures with those of Paul Joseph Fronczak. The similarities were disturbing.

As reported by ABC News, Miller believes his father was responsible for the questionable adoption:

“In my wildest of dreams I cannot think that my mother would have stolen a baby… I cannot even imagine it. I can imagine that my father, who I never knew, could have somehow acquired a baby and the baby appeared at the house and she loved the baby and I became her son. I can imagine that.”

Miller is not the only child who mysteriously appeared in the Miller’s home. He describes the bizarre circumstances surrounding his brother’s adoption process:

“My mother wore a prosthetic pillow all around the neighborhood and came home with this boy and pulled the pillow out and left it at the hospital… my father worked at Weiss Memorial Hospital and he participated in birthing the baby.”

The Texas man believes he was kidnapped from the hospital and raised by the Millers as their own. Although his birth certificate lists his mother as a teen named Sheila Kohn, the woman has not been located. ABC News searched “old newspaper clips, record locators, databases, social media… government death files going back to 1965 for the name,” and found nothing.

For Sam Miller, the case is a matter of life and death. He is in desperate need of a kidney transplant, and a biological relative is necessary. The Texas man is not certain he was kidnapped. However, he is desperate to find his birth family.

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