Colin Kaepernick Wants A Pay Raise: Seeking $18M-Plus Annually, Is He Worth It?

Colin Kaepernick is a man on a mission, and right now he’s all about the money. According to, the San Francisco 49ers star quarterback is reportedly seeking more than the $18.2 million dollar salary Jay Cutler agreed with the Chicago Bears to back in January.

The 26-year-old University of Nevada alum, who was selected in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft, actually stepped up to the plate relatively quick. He’s made the playoffs two years consecutively with one Super Bowl appearance in his first three seasons as the team’s main quarterback.

In all actuality, Kaepernick didn’t really takeover as the starting quarterback until the middle of the 2012 season when Alex Smith suffered a concussion. So, its probably safe to say Kaepernick actually made great strides in less than two full seasons.

Now, he’s looking to reap the harvest of his hard work. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reported the financial figures being discussed in regards to Kaepernick’s contract.

“The 49ers and quarterback Colin Kaepernick began discussions on a new contract extension at the combine, and sources tell us that the three-year veteran wants a deal similar or slightly better than the ones given to Jay Cutler ($18.1 million per year, $38 million guarantee) and Tony Romo ($18 million per year, $40 million guarantee). While no one expects the 49ers to let Kaepernick go anywhere, we hear that if the 49ers don’t get in Kaepernick’s range, the quarterback would be willing to play the 2014 season at his base salary of $973,766 and postpone negotiations until next offseason instead of signing a below-market deal.”

While the staggering salary may seem a bit much for some NFL enthusiasts, there is only little doubt that Kaepernick will receive his asking price whether the 49ers agree to pay the man not. If the 49ers feel the price is a bit too steep, there is a strong possibility that another NFL franchise will be up to paying Kaepernick’s ransom. It should be interesting to see how things fare for Colin Kaepernick. Do you think he’s worth it?

Image via Colin Kaepernick, Facebook