Russell Wilson Wont dance this summer

Russell Wilson Won’t Be Dancing This Summer

Recent Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson won’t be taking his moves on the football field to the dance floor anytime soon. The Seahawks quarterback has turned down a second invitation to compete for the mirrored ball on ABCs “Dancing with the stars.” Wilson also turned down a chance to be on the show after his rookie season.

“I have been invited, twice actually,” Wilson told Access Hollywood. “After my rookie year, I got invited to do ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and then after this year, I got invited to do ‘Dancing with the Stars.”

Wilson stated that he is a big fan of the show. He enjoys watching the dancers and even enjoys dancing himself. Russell chose not to compete on “Dancing With The Stars” to focus on football. “I need to focus on my football career right now,” Wilson said. “I’m trying to do as much as I can in terms of winning football games for the Seattle Seahawks and our franchise. But I will do it as some point, for sure.”

For those of you that love seeing football players paired with professional dancers don’t worry. Wilson is actually interested in competing in the dance competition. “I’m gonna do it at some point,” Wilson said. “I’m gonna definitely do it. I love ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ I love watching it. I love dancing myself. So hopefully I can win it.”

Several other NFL players have appeared on the show since it debuted in 2005 including Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Jason Taylor, Chad Johnson, Hines Ward, Warren Sapp, and Donald Driver.

Russell doesn’t have much time this off-season anyway. According to ESPN, “Wilson is scheduled to attend the Texas Rangers’ spring training complex Monday and work out with the team. The Rangers selected Wilson in the Rule 5 draft in December.”

Don’t worry Seahawks fans. Wilson’s chance of injury playing baseball this summer is limited. reports that Rangers manager Ron Washington had this to say regarding Russell Wilson’s involvement with the team,

This guy is a Super Bowl champ. They don’t want him to come down here and get hurt. The guy hasn’t seen a pitch. I’m not running him up there. It ain’t going to happen. We’re just going to bring him in here, let him get acclimated, let him speak to the guys and let him enjoy his day at the ballpark. Our intention is to bring him in here and try and see if there is anything he can say that can help anybody wearing a baseball uniform. The guy is a winner, he has tremendous character and attitude and he is committed to what he does. That’s what we’re about. We just want him to feel comfortable.

Russell Wilson had a choice between hanging out with The Texas Rangers all summer or Dancing With The Stars. He chose baseball.