Watch India Vs. Afghanistan Cricket Live Online, Asia Cup 2014

In the current Asia Cup series, the match between Afghanistan and India on Wednesday March 5 would have been a crucial one for India, according to a report in NDTV Sports. They needed to have won in order to gain a bonus point to give them any chance of reaching the final.

However, this calculation depended upon Sri Lanka losing both their remaining matches for India to survive. But today, Sri Lanka beat Afghanistan by 129 runs.

The rules state that If both teams have the same number of points, it’s the net run rate that matters according to the Asian Cricket Council playing conditions.

After his team’s one wicket loss to Pakistan, Indian captain, Virat Kholi, said:

“I’ve personally stopped putting my money on the games that are left in the tournament. All we can do is put up a strong performance in our game, try and get a bonus point, and then see. We’ll know by March 4 what happens. We’re just looking to improve our cricket and correct our mistakes.”

Kholi added that he knew that his inexperienced team had made quite a few mistakes, following consecutive lost matches:

“We are making mistakes regularly, which we need to correct because they are costing us in International cricket. If we make three or four crucial errors in each game, it’s quite costly in the end. That is one thing we have to learn from and improve on because there’s quite a bit of inexperience in batting and bowling.

People learn from mistakes and I hope in the coming games, we don’t repeat these mistakes and play more smartly at crucial times.”

To watch the crucial match between India and Afghanistan on March 5 in their concluding Asia Cup league tie, you can click the link HERE.

The match is scheduled to start at 14.00 local time, 8.00 a.m. GMT

In some areas it is also possible to watch the match online through Star Sports, but registration may be requested.