Robert Lopez Wins Oscar

EGOT: Robert Lopez Wins Big For ‘Best Original Song’

EGOT club’s newest member: Congratulations to Robert Lopez for winning an Oscar for “Best Original Song”. If you don’t know who Robert Lopez is, he is the actual songwriter who wrote “Let It Go” for Disney’s Frozen. Frozen not only being an Oscar winning animated film, but it has also received so much praise for its hit song, performed by Idina Menzel, but it’s all thanks to the talented writing of Robert Lopez, who also wrote the song with his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

Winning an Oscar isn’t the only award he has won for writing phenomenal songs. Lopez has also won an Emmy, Grammy,Oscar, and Tony Award. This means Robert Lopez is now part of the EGOT Club. This makes Lopez the youngest person ever to win all four awards within a decade, and become apart of the EGOT club for “Best Original Song”.

He is the first to get all four awards within the span of a decade. Robert Lopez is only 39-years old, and he has achieved a very great honor. He earned his Grammy award for “The Book of Mormon”, then he won two Tony awards, the first was in 2004 for “Avenue Q” and the second was for “The Book of Mormon” in 2011. He has also won two Daytime Emmy’s for “Wonder Pets.” Now he can add “Let It Go” to that list for his Oscar win.

Lopez tells DailyNews: “I feel so lucky to be in the club. Its kinda weird. I’ve been a fan of 30′ Rock since the show came out. That episode about the EGOT left a deep impression on me.”

There’s only 12 other people who are considered in the EGOT club, and they are:

Richard Rodgers

Helen Hayes

Rita Moreno

Audrey Hepburn

Marvin Hamlisch

Jonathan Tunick

Mel Brooks

Mike Nichols

Whoopi Goldberg

Scott Rudin

Robert Lopez

Robert Lopez also makes history by being the first Filipino-American to win an Academy Award.

He tells reporters: “I’m so excited I’m sending love to the Philippines. Lopez and his wife are currently planning a benefit concert for the Philippines that will be held in New York City, on March 12th.

The Term EGOT was created by actor Philip Michael Thomas, and when he won all four awards he wore a gold medal that said EGOT. More recently thanks to an episode of 30 Rock the term was even more popular. Welcome to the EGOT club Robert!