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Jennifer Garner: ‘I Wanted To Be A Doctor Or A Librarian, Acting Wasn’t For Me’

Jennifer Garner says she is not comfortable with the fashion scene as she has no “innate fashion sense.”

Garner, 41, told the UK magazine Glamour that, because of her profession, she felt enormous pressure to always look good:

“I used to totally wing fashion. Until I realised what worked for me: neutrals and a cut that isn’t too tight or too loose. Some people are born with an innate fashion sense; some people know a lot about fashion. I had neither.”

However, in spite of Jennifer’s reservations about her fashion sense, she was selected by the fashion house, Max Mara, to represent them, and her face became the image of their accessories collection.

Garner says she still hasn’t got over the shock of seeing herself fronting their advertising campaign,especially the huge billboards.

“Seeing myself on a billboard? Weird! My friends sent me pictures of the high billboard in Venice’s Piazza San Marco that features my campaign as the face of Max Mara accessories. It’s very exciting, but very, very surreal,” she said.

Jennifer was at the ceremony partly due to her role in the highly acclaimed picture, Dallas Buyers Club, which did well at last night’s Oscars. The movie received three Oscars, including best actor for Matthew McConaughey, and best supporting actor for Jared Leto.

Garner chose a stunning silver beaded gown by Oscar de la Renta for the ceremony. The dress was tiered, and was obviously inspired by the 1920s. Although her gown was highly admired, Jennifer admitted that she has problems at such events.

“The red carpet can be scary. You have days when the last thing you want to do it walk up one; if you’ve had a bad day, or a baby, or put on a few pounds. I’m not a stick, I’m not someone who starves myself. I just go forward and do the best I can.”

It’s possible to put Garner’s general discomfort down to the fact that she never set out to become an actress. She once said:

“I wanted to be a doctor, a librarian…. (Acting) wasn’t possible to me. The more I learned what there was to learn about this field, the more hungry I became for it. It comes out of wanting to learn more, as opposed to ‘I want to be a star.’ I never felt that way,”