Noah's Ark Encounter Museum Costs $120 Million, Are Creationists Wasting Money?

Noah’s Ark Encounter Museum Costs $120 Million, Are Creationists Wasting Kentucky’s Money?

The Noah’s ark encounter willl be created as part of a creationist theme park and is said to cost over $120 million, but some are already saying Kentucky has better uses for the money.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate was hosted by the same organization that is creating the full size Noah’s ark. Ken Ham actually wanted the debate so it’d raise awareness about the Creation Museum and thus make it easier to raise further funding:

“It was a challenging time, one that on a human level required a miracle to overcome. And God in His providence supplied our needs — in the form of Nye, apparently.”

noah's ark encounter

For his part, Bill Nye wasn’t too thrilled the Noah’s Ark Encounter was going to be completed:

“If he builds that ark, it’s my strong opinion, it’s bad for the commonwealth of Kentucky and bad for scientists based in Kentucky and bad for the U.S. And I’m not joking, bad for the world. I challenge them to try to float this ship, to try and make this a seaworthy ship.”

As it so happens, almost every culture in the world has a story similar to Noah’s Ark. For example, a 4,000-year-old clay tablet from ancient Mesopotamia describes the vessel as being a coracle, which is a round boat. While some experts believe this version of the story was shaped by the culture of ancient Iraq, where coracles were common, others point out that the boat shape doesn’t sink easily.

The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) has studied the design of Noah’s Ark as described by the Bible and they also believe it was seaworthy:

“Note the ratio of length to width of the Ark’s design: 300 cubits to 50 cubits, or approximately 450 feet long to 75 feet wide. This ratio of 6 to 1 is well known in naval design for optimum stability. Many modern naval engineers, when designing cargo ships to battleships, utilize this same basic design ratio…. Several engineering studies of Ark models have compared the design, as given in Scripture, to several other potential design ratios and plans…. As in each of the studies, the Ark’s design was shown to be optimum for its task and circumstances.”

Such studies claim Noah’s Ark could have handled waves that were around 100 feet high, although the Noah’s Ark Encounter version will actually be 510 feet long (there’s differences of opinion on exactly how long a cubit measures). But regardless of Bill Nye’s opinion over seaworthiness, others feel the Creation Museum is wasting money.

For example, the Huffington Post compiled a list of alternatives, which include feeding hungry children, donating to cancer research, investing into the Kentucky education system, saving abused animals, and combating illegal drugs. These alternatives did have good justifications, since Kentucky suffers from the highest cancer death rate in the US, has one in four children supposedly going hungry, spends relatively little on schools, has the worst animal protection laws of all the states, and is currently suffering from a dramatic increase in heroin overdoses.

But Ken Ham and other creationists argue the Noah’s Ark museum in Kentucky would “present America and other nations with a reminder about the Bible’s account of the Ark.” They say this is necessary because only about one-third of Americans think the Bible is literally true according to polls.

Another part of the debate is that the Creation Museum operates completely tax free because of Kentucky’s laws related to religious theme parks. Some critics argue this violates the separation of church and state and the extra revenue would benefit the state.

What do you think about the Noah’s Ark Encounter museum being built in Kentucky?