Elderly Las Vegas pickup driver

Elderly Las Vegas Pickup Driver Smashes Through Grocery Store, Hospitalizes Nine

An elderly Las Vegas pickup driver caused a lot of damage on Saturday when she drove the vehicle through a Food 4 Less grocery store. Nine have been hospitalized, while 26 have been injured.

Lieutenant Ken Romane stated that it was amazing nobody had been killed in the accident.

The 88 year old driver of a white Ford 150 pickup with a camper shell had been driving through the parking lot around 2:50pm, when for reasons the police are still investigating, she clipped a car and then accelerated through the front doors. She kept going all the way to the back of the Las Vegas Food 4 Less grocery store into the frozen food section. Customers and cashiers were sent diving for cover to avoid the pickup, but nine were sent to various hospitals with minor to moderate injuries.

One cashier, Bobby Carranza, had caught the worst of it, his legs pinned between the elderly Las Vegas pickup driver’s vehicle and a cooler. He suffered the worst of the injuries and has been listed in critical condition. His sister Irene said he will be okay.

Some employees stated that the pickup may have accelerated inside the store, which may be the reason why the truck made it all the way to the back.

Police say the elderly Las Vegas pickup driver stood outside the store after the accident, before her son came along with a service dog and drove her away.

Jodi Robinson, 40, was a customer injured in the accident. Her boyfriend Philip Cancellaro, 51, said she had to have her clothes cut off her before she could be treated for her ankle injuries at UMC. She was told that the snack shelf she ducked behind probably saved her life. He is also concerned about the keys to his girlfriend’s car:

“I’m [still] waiting until they find the keys to her Infiniti. They’re somewhere in the store. They flew right out of her hand as she was buying groceries.”

Cancellaro told Robinson in the emergency room that the elderly Las Vegas pickup driver was lucky to be alive after what happened.

It is still unknown if it was a vehicle malfunction that sent the 88 year old’s vehicle crashing through the Food 4 Less near the intersection of Sahara and Eastern, or if it may have been a side effect of her medication making her a danger behind the wheel.

Lieutenant Ken Romane has not said yet whether there will be charges filed against the elderly Las Vegas pickup driver.