Lost Dog Case Choices

LostDog by Bluetrek: Designer Cases For Your iPhone 4 [Review]

The iPhone 4 is a beautifully crafted Smartphone from the shiny backside of the device to the sleek corners and hints of stainless steel, unfortunately many cases currently available cover up the devices design while ‘bulking up’ the Smartphone. For users who want to protect their devices from scratches (and some smaller drops) while providing an eye-catching design I highly recommend taking a look at the Bluetrek “LostDog” cases for the iPhone 4.

Designed by renowned french artist “Aurele” the cases come in a variety of designs that will please most men and women. I personally use the brown case with suede, the case wraps perfectly around my iPhone 4 while leaving all major components open for use. Take a look at the top portion of the case:

Lost Dog Top view

Notice that while the the headphone jack and standby buttons are shown the very edge of the case still wraps slightly above the top of the phone, this helps protect the corners of the phone while still allowing for easy access. The bottom of the LostDog cases are also exposed to allow for access to the pin-connector and to leave the speakers open for proper sound output:

Lost Dog Bottom View

While access to my phones ports are important, I was most appreciative of the cool designs offered on every case featured within the LostDog series of iPhone 4 cases (see the first photo on this page for designs). My brown case which I chose because it works well in a business environment features the “LostDog” mascot which can be viewed from a close distance, while still remaining neutral in workplace situations:

Lost Dog Case iPhone 4

Notice that your camera and flash are still wide open for picture taking, while still covered by the raised case to prevent most cases of scratching. Finally, the LostDog cases keep the entire frontside of your iPhone 4 exposed for use, while the raised edges on the front of the case means you can place your phone screen side down and still receive a basic level of protection against scratches:

Front View Lost Dog iPhone 4 Case

While I chose the most basic of designs for my personal use you can see in the first picture on this page that many designs are offered from subtle to “stand out” which should please most buyers with at least one or two choices.

I also want to point out that they are very environmentally friendly, made from natural, recycled and recyclable materials, making them a great option for users who crave “Green Products.”

Still haven’t made up your mind about LostDog cases? Here’s are a few more photos of the cases I gave to my wife, hint to all you guys out there, she loves them:

Lost Dog White CaseLostDog