Kim Novak

Kim Novak: Did Too Much Plastic Surgery Freeze Her Face? [Watch]

Kim Novak is perhaps best remembered for her role in the 1955 classic movie, Picnic, which she starred in at the tender age of just 21. She went on to play roles in films like Vertigo and The Man with the Golden Arm but she also became famous – or perhaps a better word is notorious – for having lots and lots of plastic surgery.

Novak was joined on stage by Matthew McConaughey at the 2014 Oscars ceremony to present the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. But the now 81-year-old darling of Hollywood looked particularly stiff when she spoke.

A storm then erupted on Twitter between those who made tasteless jokes about Kim Novak’s Oscar appearance – making references to a Frozen remake – and other jibes. Her face did look very stiff and it seemed that was making it difficult for Novak to give her speech.

Here is splattering of some of the Tweets exchanged regarding Kim Novak’s Oscars appearance. The first set includes the fun pokers Tweets:

The second set of Tweets includes comments from fans jumping to Kim Novak’s defense:

I’m not sure which is sadder; Kim Novak trying to stem the ravages of time, or the jibes from people who will presumably also be old one day – if the crystal meth doesn’t get them first!