Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Drops With S5 Debut

With Samsung’s big news last week of the new Galaxy S5, the price of the Galaxy S4 has already dropped significantly in India. Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now down to Rs 30,000.

If you aren’t familiar with Rs, it’s the currency of India, which is actually called Indian rupee.

The price of a Galaxy S4 in India dropped nearly $150 and is currently sitting right around $485.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was originally released back in April of 2013. Not even a year ago, and Samsung has already unveiled it’s new and improved successor, the Galaxy S5. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, the Galaxy S III was released less than a year before the S4 was. Advances in technology are being made at an increasingly faster pace than they ever have been before.

The Galaxy S4 was released in over 155 different countries and was made available on 327 carriers. The S4 is the fastest selling phone in Samsung’s history, selling at least 40 million smartphones according to Mobile Informers.

Samsung’s approximate retail value of the new Galaxy S5 is $700, while T-Mobile prices the smartphone at $672. The new smartphone will be made available on pre-paid carriers Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Although it is likely to carry a higher price tag than other carriers.

As far as features go, the S5 doesn’t bring a whole lot of new features to the table. With a display of 5.1 inches, it’s only.1 inches bigger than the S4. The camera on the S5 is 16 megapixels. Which is only three more than the S4.

One cool new feature of the S5 is its fingerprint sensor. Just like the iPhone 5s, it will have a fingerprint scanner in the home button making for a overall more secure device.

The S5 also has a built in heart rate sensor, something that will appeal to all fitness junkies alike. You can measure your heart rate by simply placing your finger on the back side of the phone.

The S5 contains some cool new features, but it looks nearly identical to the S4. The only big difference is the backside of the phone which has a textured, stipple pattern according to PCmag.

If you’re considering making the switch to the Galaxy line of smartphones, the S4 will work just fine for people on a tighter budget. Rumor has it that the S4 is likely to drop in price even more as the release date of the S5 approaches.