Passenger and Frozen Come Together For Great “Let Her Go/Let It Go” Combination

A breakout band from 2013 known as Passenger and a break-out movie in 2013 known as “Frozen” decided to team up to bring us one of the best mash-ups in some time. “Let Her Go” by Passenger has been a huge hit, and one that made a lot of headway around the world. Naturally, a mash-up was going to happen at one point or another.

Meanwhile Frozen has made itself known quite well, becoming Disney’s highest grossing animated film of all time. One song from the movie has clearly stood out called “Let It Go” The idea for this didn’t come from Disney or Passenger, rather, from a YouTuber named “TheSamTsui”. He decided to bring the two songs together, not just because they have similar titles but because he felt they could mold beautifully together.

Let Her Go/Let It Go, is not the first mash-up TheSamTsui has done. In fact, he is well known for his work as a mash-up artist. He now has over 1 million subscribers, and the number is expected to climb in the coming weeks and months that follow. While he does not normally pull a song from a movie and put it into a top 40 hit, it did seem like a perfect marriage in the end.

It seems that people enjoy it a lot, as several outlets have praised the performance.

The song was well done, and stood out above other YouTubers who seemingly try too hard to put things together. He didn’t bother trying to mash a video together or attempt to even bring in music from other outlets to make things work. He did the Let Her Go/Let It Go mash-up with his own music and vocals, making it quite a special experience.

Passenger’s Let Her Go has sold several copies and is actually number 10 in the Apple iTunes store, while Frozen’s Let It Go is number 8 in the store. Obviously the two songs are quite popular, and several covers have been done on both songs.

Sadly however, no mash-ups for it of note until now. While it may be far fetched after Let it Go/Let Her Go was done, we could see Passenger on a Disney record of some sort of movie album. Obviously anything Disney touches turns to gold and anything animated from them seems to hit the jackpot on a consistent basis. Passenger would benefit from it, but we shall see if an alliance forms down the line with the pair and if a certain YouTube star will have part in it as well.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on it: