Could WhatsApp Technology Problems Make It Worst Facebook Purchase Ever?

I’m not going to say that Facebook made a mistake here, but let’s face it. WhatsApp has done relatively nothing of note and has gotten massively worse since Facebook’s purchase of it recently for 19 billion dollars. Yes, you heard me right,19 BILLION DOLLARS!

Let’s face it, Facebook made this purchase because they knew it would help their bottom line to do so. The issue with this is, it has not helped their bottom line much at all. There have been more issues with it since the buyout than potentially the entire time before. Could it be because Facebook is trying to mess around with it to make it different?

Could it be that WhatsApp is now being turned into a mini version of a new Facebook type of model that may not say the words “Facebook” on it, but is certainly well known to be so?

Obviously the creators of WhatsApp are smart. They made money from the product, but selling it brought them so much more. On top of that, they can always make another application with some similarities. They took the 19 billion and ran, and no one can blame them. Most want to know why Facebook would even consider such a buy.

Most thought it was because Facebook saw money in it and knew they could make it even bigger than it was before.

The worst thing that can ever happen to an application is the loss of usage for a period of time. If people wanted to have an application that didn’t work, they would just bring on a crappy version of bootleg Flappy Bird.

WhatsApp had such a black out today for 210 minutes between the hours of 11:00 am to 2:30 pm PST, which is a literal eternity in application time. That could lose thousands of people. Some users reported losing stamps as a result of the outage, but many are returning to them now, making the issue okay in some eyes,

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum told the Wallstreet Journal in an email:

“We had a server outage, should be OK now.”

They certainly had a severe outage for sure. Still, I don’t think they are okay. Many feel like something has changed since the Facebook purchase and while it cannot be proven that the product has turned into something bad, this is only the beginning! Imagine what could come from a long-term deal with WhatsApp. This is not the first time it’s gone down since the Facebook purchase, and many think these problems will continue.

Hilariously, WhatsApp users ran to Twitter asking if WhatsApp was down. Interesting is it not? Going from one Internet/Mobile product to another to just ask about the one you previously were on. I’d laugh, but it’s more awkward than anything else.

While much of the team stayed on after the purchase, it simply feels like something is not sitting right. The idea of WhatsApp is great and the product is worth investment naturally, so Facebook was smart in liking enough to buy. Sadly, they are not quite getting all they want from the product just yet. It’s either a slow progression or a really bad purchase. Either way, WhatsApp is not going to die any time soon, but don’t expect it to survive with stuff like this going on.