Powerball Jackpot Winner! $60 Million Ticket Sold At California Gas Station

The Powerball jackpot has another winner, the second in under two weeks. And the winning ticket was once again sold at a gas station in Northern California, this time in the Sacramento County town of McClellan.

There was one big difference between the two jackpots, of course. The winning ticket sold in Milpitas, California, on February 19 was worth a staggering $425.3 million. Last night’s lucky winner takes home a $60 million jackpot — chump change by comparison.

Undoubtedly, however, the person holding that Powerball ticket is not complaining today.

Out of 15,373,908 tickets sold, in addition to the lone jackpot winner, there were seven tickets sold matching the first five numbers, but not the Powerball number. And four of those had the Power Play option activated. That means those four tickets are worth $2 million each to their purchasers.

The other three win a $1 million prize.

All told, 547,301 tickets yielded some sort of payoff in Saturday’s Powerball drawing. To find out if one of those tickets is yours, match your numbers against these, drawn at 10:59 pm last night in Tallahassee, Florida:

38253047 Powerball 13

The Powerball jackpot winner was sold at Tooley Oil at 5520 Dudley Boulevard in McClellan.

The winner, to receive the full $60 million Powerball payout, would need to take it in 30 annual payments of $2 million each, on average. If that fortunate Powerball player wants one single, cash payment, the total will be $33.9 million. After federal taxes, that comes to $25,425,000, according to the lottery-monitoring site USA Mega.

The good news for the winner is, California collects no state taxes on lottery winnings, so once Uncle Sam is taken care of, the rest of that money belongs to the Powerball winner.

But California also has a big disadvantage for lottery players. Other than the grand prize jackpot, the state pays out all prizes on a pari-mutuel system. That means, the payouts are based on the amount of money that actually comes in from ticket sales.

For example, this week, in states other than California, the Powerball numbers saw 31 winners of the third prize, meaning tickets that matched four of the first five numbers plus the Powerball number.

In those other states, 19 of those tickets were worth $10,000, and 12 more with the Power Plat option activated earn their buyers $20,000.

But in California, six Powerball third-prize winners will take home just $3,704 from Saturday’s drawing.