ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Oxymoron’ Predicted To Top The Billboard 200 Albums Chart

ScHoolboy Q could have a certified hit on his hands this week.

The rapper’s sophomore release and major-label debut Oxymoron found itself on the tip of everyone’s tongue in recent days. All of this buzz likely helped the folks at Interscope move a large number of copies in the first seven days of release.

According to the folks at Billboard, ScHoolboy Q’s record is presently predicted to take the top spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart this week. Analysts believe Oxymoron sold between 150,000 and 160,000 copies by Sunday (March 2). This is apparently enough for the record to reach the number one position.

ScHoolboy Q isn’t the only rapper to find his name on the Billboard 200. KiD CuDi’s Beyonce-style surprise release Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon unexpectedly showed up on iTunes last week. The record should land in second place after moving approximately 90,000 copes. This isn’t bad at all for an album with no pre-release promotion.

The success of Oxymoron at retail should put some of ScHoolboy Q’s fears to rest. The rapper seemed a little concerned after the folks at Interscope required him to put no less than three radio-friendly tracks on the record. Although he seemed to understand the need for compromise, he was still a little worried what people would think about the album.

“I’ll just be nervous about s***. Not nervous, I just be all, ‘what if?’ in the back of my mind, of everything I do. I know I made a good album, I know it’s crazy. But what if, you know what I’m saying?” the rapper told MySpace.

He continued, “Timing could be wrong, what if? People think it’s too aggressive or what if? People may think it’s too industry, too mainstream. What if it sells horribly? ‘Oxymoron’ is still what if in the back of my head.”

ScHoolboy Q explained to NPR that he drew a lot of inspiration for Oxymoron from his own life. His addiction to prescription drugs, his affiliation with gangs, the people he surrounded himself with — all of this found its way into his work. Despite living through stuff that most people only read about in newspapers or listen to in songs, the rapper still considers himself “All-American.”

“I done been an athlete, like I was saying, a gang member, drug dealer. I done been a kid that was kind of living on the fortunate side when my mama was starting to do good, and I was hustling just to hustle because, dude, my homies was doing it, you get what I’m saying?” he explained.

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Did you pick up a copy of ScHoolboy Q’s album Oxymoron?