Jimmer Fredette Clears Waivers, Will Sign With Chicago Bulls

Jimmer Fredette Clears Waivers, Will Sign With Chicago Bulls

Jimmer Fredette has cleared waivers after being cut free by the Sacramento Kings, and is now in the process of joining the Chicago Bulls.

The sharp-shooting guard agreed to a buyout from the Kings last week and drew immediate interest from Tom Thibodeau and the Bulls.

League sources said the signing was not yet completed but likely, and though Thibodeau did not address the rumor directly he has said the team is in need to some scoring firepower.

“We could always use shooting, so we’ll see,” Thibodeau said. “I know they’re looking at a number of guys right now. But any time we could add shooting, we’re interested. I think the more shooting you have, the more it opens up the floor. It’s just to create the space, too. We want to open things up where we could attack off the dribble with our cuts, things of that nature. But it’s also how you complement your primary scorers, so we feel that’s an area of need.”

The move is seen as a change of scenery for Jimmer Fredette, who has showed a nice scoring touch but struggled to get off the bench in Sacramento.

Bulls forward Taj Gibson was excited about the possibility of bringing Fredette on board.

“I’ve seen that he’s got talent,” Gibson said. “It’s just that the team that he was on he never really got a chance to do much because they’ve got the characters on that team where they don’t seem too serious, you know what I’m saying? Playing on strict, good teams kind of brings the best out of a player.”

The Chicago Bulls could use Jimmer Fredette in their quest to win the Eastern Conference. Chicago is currently No. 4 in the conference, one of the few teams able to knock off the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers.