Bruce Springsteen Covers Lorde’s ‘Royals’ [VIDEO]

Bruce Springsteen did a cover of Lorde’s song “Royals” while on tour in New Zealand. Even though the cover was a little choppy and brash, it received a huge pop from the crowd.

Over his career, Springsteen did some amazing covers of songs depending where he toured. During his Australian tour, he covered AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”, INXS’s “Don’t Change”, The Easybeats’ “Friday Don’t Change”, and the BeeGee’s “Stayin’ Alive”. With the current tour being in New Zealand, it would only be right to cover the song that won the Grammy for “Song of the Year” in the home country of the artist who performed it.

Eventually, numerous Youtube videos would show of Springsteen performing the cover. Noisy Music by Vice was the first to put two of the earliest uploads onto their page. One of the videos is actually shown here on this article, of a close-up of Bruce performing the cover. The second video is of the crowd and stage of the Mt. Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand as a means to show fan reaction. Also, the song is originally sung through the perspective of a teenage girl. Ergo, Bruce applied some lyrical changes. For example, he sings “king bee” where in the original, Lorde sings “queen bee”.

Currently, Lorde is sitting on top of the world with her new found success. She isn’t bragging about, but this could possibly change now that a legendary singer, like Bruce Springsteen, covered her hit song. She can now add that honor to USA Today‘s report on how David Bowie said Lorde’s music is like “listening to tomorrow”. There is no news yet if Lorde will travel to the Garden State to perform “Born In The USA”.

Springsteen’s final show is on March 2nd in Auckland.