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Did Charlize Theron Break Keanu Reeves’ Heart By Dating Sean Penn?

Charlize Theron may have broken Keanu Reeves’ tender heart by hooking up with fellow thespian Sean Penn.

The Monster star and the Gangster Squad alum were reportedly spotted together on a beach not too long ago, fueling rumors that the pair were starting to get romantic. Adding fuel to the flames of speculations were photos of Theron snuggling up to Penn at a pre-Oscar party over the weekend.

Check out Charlize Theron and Sean Penn hanging out at Pharrell Williams’ shindig below. Chances are their appearance at the gathering will only cause rumors of their rumored romance to spiral completely out of control.

Since Charlize Theron has reportedly found a boyfriend, a close “friend” told the folks over at OK! magazine that Keanu Reeves isn’t exactly thrilled with the situation. Since he and Theron had an on-again off-again relationship for years, the 47 Ronin star is apparently a little depressed.

“To see her falling in love with Sean is really hurting him. Charlize and Keanu have been secretly on-and-off for so long. I think he thought they would eventually end up together for good. He’s a little heartbroken,” the insider dished to the publication.

Of course, Charlize Theron’s new romance doesn’t come without its own set of unique problems. According to Star, yet another anonymous source believes that the actress’s mom is very worried that Penn could up and leave at any moment. It goes without saying that no one should take this information as gospel.

“The South African native if fearful that womanizing Sean will break her daughter’s heart. While the protective mama bear has never minded their friendship, sources say she ‘begged Charlize not to let it turn romantic,'” the insider said.

If you’re more concerned with Theron’s career than her private life, then you definitely have a few projects headed to your neighborhood multiplex in the next few years. Not only does she appear in Ted director Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways to Die in the West, Charlize also plays a significant role in the highly-anticipated sci-fi flick Mad Max: Fury Road.

What do you think about Charlize Theron possibly dating actor Sean Penn? Do you think there’s any truth to the rumors regarding Keanu Reeves’ broken heart?

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