Real-Life Barbie Says She Can Live Off Of Air And Light

Real-life Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, has recently said she no longer needs food and water. Instead she’ll survive solely on air and light.

The Ukrainian model made known on Stylite that she is a “Breatharian”. I take it that means she needs only air though her need for light seems to be missing from the moniker. Anyways, she has expressed her need to go on this diet to maintain her figure and to become the most perfect woman on the internet.

It is saddening to see a woman, or any woman in fact, try to obtain the impossible measurements and look Barbie has presented to girls for many years. There was a study done about five years ago that Barbie’s measurements would be 40-20-40 if she were the size of a regular human being. When was the last time anyone seen a woman with those measurements? Valeria, however, insists her measurements and look are “all-natural”. She never had plastic surgery whatsoever despite her anime-style eyes, small stomach, and heaving chest. Why in a report earlier on the Inquisitr, it seems that anyone doing what they can to attain the perfect body Mattel made for many years do not appreciate it in real life. This happened when Valeria met a “Real-Life Ken”, Justin Jedlica, for the first time. Their initial attitudes to each other were not very positive as news sites reported that they “hated the sight of each other.”

Valeria also has an eccentric attitude and personality to accommodate her Barbie-like body. Last summer, Vice went to the Ukraine to film a documentary on her. She said adamantly she isn’t human preferring she came from another planet. She doesn’t know which one but believes it is Venus. She also says she can speak to aliens and time travel.

Lukyanova’s statements about being a breatharian do not seem so far-fetched in relation to the model. However, breatharianism hasn’t ended well for many of their practitioners in the past. Fox included in their report about another woman who did a version of the breatharian diet. Naveena Shine wanted to go 100 days living on water and tea. She went 47 days until she supposedly received a message from the universe to stop.

In the end, this might be another “spiritual idea” Lukyanova is trying to promote. She did add that her perfect proportions and look were used to express her spirituality to the world. Maybe the Real-Life Barbie believes she can do a better job expressing spirituality on a diet solely on air and light.