Gracie Gold Says “Yes” To Prom Date [VIDEO]

Olympic skater, Gracie Gold, has made the dreams of Dyer Pettijohn come true by saying “yes” to being his date at his prom.

The events that led to this amazing moment is quite a story by itself. Pettijohn first directed a very clever Youtube video asking Gracie to his prom. It had many entertaining lines on why both of them would be perfect together. Some of the lines include both of them being beautiful, both of them being blonde, and both having a height of five-foot-something. What easily made me smile was when Dyer said they were both great on the ice. This was followed by numerous spills while attempting figure skating maneuvers. Dyer then rebounded from his failures by explaining the positives of his hometown of Malibu, California. In the end of the video, he would lower himself on one knee on the beach with a pair of ice skates tied over his shoulder and the word “PROM” with a question mark spelled in the sand, and ask one final time for Gracie to go to the prom with him.

Later on her official twitter, Gracie Gold would simply tweet, “This melted my heart.”

While Dyer was busy trying to find a way to ask his favorite Olympic figure skater out to the prom, Gold was busy at the Winter Olympics trying to win gold in the figure skating competition. Unfortunately she was one place short of winning a medal.

It would be on the show Extra where everything would come full circle when the show had Gold as a guest. In the midst of their conversation, host Maria Menounos would bring up the proposal on Youtube. Soon after Gracie explained what she thought about the video, Maria surprised her by bringing in Dyer who heralded a bouquet of roses. It is quite evident how nervous he was while initiating the proposal but in the end, Gold would say yes. However, she did add that it has to work out. That part alone could be the condition that may end the boy’s dreams of taking an Olympic class figure skater to his prom. The Huffington Post would even go as far to write that Gold seemed a little hesitant in her answer. This probably makes sense since she is a world-famous figure skating. There might be certain issues, such as popularity and security, that need to be taken into account.

Nevertheless, the possibility for Pettijohn’s dreams coming true for the quintessential high school experience are that much closer now that Gold simply said “yes”.