Xbox One Bundles Drop Sale Price, Deal Includes Titanfall For Free

Xbox One Bundles Drop Sale Price, Deal Includes Titanfall For Free

Xbox One bundles are dropping in price as time marches on, and even the Titanfall Xbox One bundles will include the famous game for free.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, we’ve been comparing the design flaws of the Xbox One and PS4 this past week. So far we’ve analyzed how even the faster PS4 GPU should have been faster, how both systems should have had larger and faster hard drives, and how the controllers should have made more advanced technology standard.

The Titanfall Xbox One bundles will be launching on March 11 alongside the release of the game. If you have not already, I would suggest heading over to our Titanfall release date guide for the Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Xbox 360. The best part is that Titanfall is essentially free with this Xbox One bundle sale because the price will still be $499.99.

Now some may argue that buying a PlayStation 4 is a better deal. Well then, good luck to you, because finding a PS4 in stock is quite a challenge. Besides being out of stock most of the time, PS4 prices tend to average higher than $500, which makes the Xbox One bundles an even better deal.

There’s also some holding out hopes that Microsoft may drop the price on Xbox One bundles some time in the near future. This rumor isn’t exactly baseless because Microsoft did just that in the UK market, dropping the equivalent price from $713 USD to $664 USD (yes, the Brits are paying out the nose compared to us Yanks across the pond).

But Forbes contributor Erik Kain believes Microsoft would be unwise to do the same in the United States:

“Cutting the price of the Xbox One this early into the console’s life-cycle would be a mistake. If Microsoft slashes the price of its system from $499 to match Sony’s $399 PS4, the tech giant would lose money—quite a bit of money—on each unit sold.”

Will you be buying one of the Titanfall Xbox One bundles right away or are you waiting until prices drop down even further?