American Horror Story may welcome Chloe Sevigny Back

‘American Horror Story’ Could Be Welcoming Chloe Sevigny Back

American Horror Story might be losing a recurring actress is Lily Rabe, but the fourth season could also be welcoming another back. Chloe Sevigny gave a recent interview in which she said she might be coming back to the series for the fourth season.

The actress spoke to during the screening of another series she’s attempting to get off the ground. In that interview Sevigny was asked if she thought she would be coming back to the horror anthology. “I’m not sure,” she said. “[American Horror Story creator] Ryan Murphy teased me, ‘Oh, now you’re doing this show, you can’t do ours.’ I guess it depends if we get a second season of [Those Who Kill], and what happens with that. I love American Horror Story, and I love this show, so I hope I can do both.”

The rumors over casting have been heating up for the last few months and the actress’s name popped up largely because her character was so interesting in Season 2 of the series. During the season that took place in an insane asylum, Sevigny played a nymphomaniac during a period of American history when that was considered a mental disorder that deserved getting its victim locked away.

She eventually fell prey to the asylum’s demented doctor and was butchered and then set free with a number of different deformities and illnesses. While her character in that particular storyline was killed off, the show has made a habit of bringing actors and actresses back to play completely different roles in subsequent seasons. AHS has employed some big names such as Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange in numerous seasons, always appearing as brand new characters in brand new stories.

American Horror Story has also been notoriously close mouthed about who will be appearing from one season to the next. Ryan Murphy has been as vague as possible about who is coming and going and hasn’t even confirmed that Rabe is leaving the show. During the show’s run, Rabe has appeared as the ghost of a rich doctor’s wife, and last year was a witch who could bring almost anyone and anything back from the dead.

During season 2, Rabe took on the role of a nun who worked in the asylum where Chloe Sevigny was being held. Eventually that nun was possessed by the devil and also eventually killed. So far, the only actors to have confirmed they’ll be appearing in season four are Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. Evan Peters said he would like be appear on American Horror Story season 4 but has yet to be invited back