‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4: Norman Reedus Sees ‘Light At End Of Tunnel’ For Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus sees positive things ahead for his character Daryl Dixon in season four. That’s the sentiment he intimated when describing the next episode of The Walking Dead, titled Still, in an interview on Huff Post Live earlier this week. When asked about where Daryl’s head is currently at on the show, Reedus responded:

“Daryl needs to be pushed in [a positive] direction. He’s not a positive person. I will say that [the upcoming] episode [of Walking Dead] that’s playing this Sunday answers a lot of those questions. The character that Emily [Kinney] plays, Beth, is such a candle in the darkness for him and she brings that out in him. She gives him hope in a way. That episode is one of the most proud to be on the show. Emily is so good in it. That hope is something he needs to through other people. He starts out that episode in a really dark place. She becomes that light at the end of the tunnel.”

Combine that statement with a tweet he posted earlier in the week regarding his cast mate Emily Kinney and it could leave viewers to believe a Daryl-Beth romance might be in the cards:

While Reedus played coy when asked directly, Norman did hint at the possibility of a love triangle between Daryl, Beth and Carol – who recently returned to the show two episodes previously:

“[Daryl and Carol] are very similar. Damaged people sort of gravitate toward damaged people. They see a lot of themselves in each other. I’ll just say, that if they were reunited then Daryl would be very happy with that.”

The Walking Dead is currently the number one show on television, besting the Winter Olympics head to head every Sunday since its return. That includes topping both the opening and closing ceremony as well. Reedus recounted how he knew he wanted to be part of this special show right from the very beginning:

“I read the pilot. I went to LA for pilot season and they [gave me] a stacks of scripts. Buddy-buddy, lawyer drama, cop drama, then Walking Dead. It was so original. Reading it, I didn’t even see zombies in it. I saw a really good character study. I knew it would be great. I knew it would be something special.”

The Walking Dead season four continues this Sunday on AMC.