Piers Morgan Shot Down By CNN, Ted Nugent, and the 2nd Amendment

Piers Morgan’s relentless attacks on gun rights and the 2nd Amendment appear to be the real reason behind CNN’s asking him to take a long walk off a short pier. Show ratings have tanked, and rocker Ted Nugent claims credit.

It’s not like Piers was well-liked, either in the USA or in his native land, as reported previously in The Inquisitr. His constant belittling and name-calling of red-blooded, gun-toting Americans did not earn him any friends. And it certainly didn’t earn him ratings. Last Wednesday, Piers Morgan Live garnered a mere 345,000 viewers, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC attracted 860,000, while Fox’s Megyn Kelly overwhelmed him with 2.06 million viewers.

And conservative gun-rights activist and rock star Ted Nugent told CNN anchor Erin Burnett that he is responsible for getting Piers Morgan canned. In an interview where he apologized for calling President Barack Obama a “sub-human mongrel,” Nugent stated:

“For anyone to claim that I’m a racist or it had racist overtones is the typical crap that the propaganda ministry and the media — particularly most of your co-workers there, even though I got Piers Morgan’s a** thrown out, and I’ll do the same with Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer when I can.”

It is no secret that Ted Nugent and Piers Morgan have a long history of mutual dislike, and much of it centers on the 2nd Amendment. They went head to head in late 2012 and again on Feb. 4 of this year. When Morgan said that 80 people per day die in America from guns, Nugent confidently quoted the Uniform Crime Report by the FBI and the UN Study on Violent Crime that “78 out of those 80 are let out of their cages by corrupt judges and prosecutors… and they let them walk through plea bargaining, early release, and parole grants.”

Not just the rock star has lost patience with Morgan. Piers has repeatedly alienated his American audience with his frequent attacks on the 2nd Amendment and calls for gun control. Not only did he disagree, which many can forgive in the name of freedom of speech, but he also called those with whom he disagreed “stupid” and “idiots.” And the viewers have responded by leaving him in droves.

It is reported by Infowars that Morgan now admits that his stubborn attacks on guns is the primary factor in his losing viewership, with the ultimate result of his show being cancelled.

It may be a good thing that Piers has been ousted: last night in an interview with TMZ, he apparently felt relaxed enough about being canned that he let his true feelings show. “You gotta learn proper football,” Piers said… “The REAL one with the round ball and no girly padding or helmets.”

Oh, SNAP. No, he didn’t!! Going after American FOOTBALL? Now Piers Morgan has gone too far!

[Image Via patdollard.com]