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Bill Nye The Reason Behind Creation Museum’s Theme Park

What happens when Bill Nye and Creation Museum’s head Ken Ham go head to head in an evolution debate? Theme parks of course. In the beginning of the month the Internet was all a buzz due to the debates that went viral and spawned a ton of chatter between people picking sides with TV’s favorite Science Guy and former Dancing With the Stars contestant Bill Nye or Ken Ham.

Now almost a month after the debate and word is out that the debate might have lead to the Creation Museum getting a theme park. In an announcement that was released on Thursday, Ham, who founded the museum, said that the museum would be getting a 510-foot Noah’s Ark park, which is reportedly going to cost $73 million dollars.

You read that right. Because of Bill Nye’s viral videos from the debate, the Creation Museum might be building a $73 million theme park, which is for creation enthusiasts’ fun. So far, $62 million has been offered up as a contribution. Due to the bond from an anonymous donor, construction started for the Noah’s Ark theme park that Ken Ham is overseeing.

In a statement, Ham addressed the bond coming into his life:

“It was a challenging time, one that on a human level required a miracle to overcome. And God in His providence supplied our needs” — in the form of Nye, apparently.”

So where does Bill Nye come in? Well, according to Ham, he thinks the February 4 debate really helped the Creation Museum get to the place they needed to be to start construction on the Noah’s Ark theme park.

“It did help. We obviously had a big spurt toward the end [of the bond deadline], and I think it was people who were involved in this, who really decided they were going to do something.”

Bill Nye was reached for a comment, and was disappointed that the project to build the Ark theme park was going forward. In fact, Nye even said that he hopes it “goes out of business.”

“If he builds that ark, it’s my strong opinion, it’s bad for the commonwealth of Kentucky and bad for scientists based in Kentucky and bad for the U.S. And I’m not joking, bad for the world. I challenge them to try to float this ship, to try and make this a seaworthy ship.”

In case you missed Bill Nye and Ken Ham’s creationism debate, check the video out below:

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