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Ellen DeGeneres Hopes To ‘Make People Happy’ At Oscars

Ellen DeGeneres is just one of those people that has an effervescent quality about her. Whether she’s hosting her talk show or touring as a comedian, DeGeneres is usually a safe bet to be a crowd pleaser. That said, it wasn’t surprising that she was picked as the next Oscar host. Now that we’re only two days away from the big night, DeGeneres is doing a bit of promo to discuss her expectations and fears.

As for her number one goal, as expected Ellen just wants to “make people happy.” Coming from most people that statement would seem a little disingenuous but since it’s Ellen, a woman who reached the pinnacle of her career by dancing her way into people’s hearts on her talk show, it’s a pretty earnest goal to have.

The Oscar host, who has taken on this gig once before, went on Good Morning America to discuss the delicate balance of hosting the Oscars. DeGeneres told Robin Roberts:

“My intentions are to never hurt anybody, and my intentions are to have compassion and to hope I can spread that a little bit every single day.”

For Ellen, the process of hosting the Oscars is always in flux. Even though she hosted back in 2007, that doesn’t mean she has the whole thing set in stone. Every experience is very unique with each year, which is probably due to the fact that the producers of the ceremony usually change every year.

Of her process DeGeneres said:

“I had things written months ago that I thought for sure I liked and was going to keep. And I’ve gotten rid of them. And I have new things, and then I’m sure I’ll get rid of those. And I’m sure I’ll be writing up until that morning.”

The hosting gig has its own unique set of pressures. For Ellen, she says that her wife, Portia di Rossi, helps her approach to make people aware of her intentions:

“I can’t expect everybody to, you know, love me and like everything I do. I just want people to understand me and to get me and know what my intentions are.”

Ellen DeGeneres takes the stage on Sunday night to host the big ceremony. One thing is for sure, we’re positive DeGeneres won’t be singing last year’s host’s Seth MacFarlane’s poorly received jingle “We Saw Your Boobs.”

Do you think Ellen DeGeneres will make a good Oscar host?

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