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Pit Bull Mauls Three-Year-Old Little Girl To Death

The pit bull that mauled a three-year-old little girl, in High Point, North Carolina on Monday, has been euthanized. The dog was a family pet that had been known to be aggressive.

Braelynn Rayne Coulter was the victim of the vicious attack. Family members immediately called 911 and took Braelynn to the High Point Regional Hospital, where she later died. The doctors determined that Coulter suffered from “traumatic injuries to her lower abdomen.”

Coulter’s family has not been reached for a comment on the little girl’s death. However, they did ask their preacher to speak to reporters on their behalf.

“There are questions police need to ask,” said David McGee, The Bridge church pastor. “We need to let them do their jobs.”

McGee said that Coulter and her family have been members of his church for five years, and he had never known the dog to be aggressive.

“Three-year-olds get in trouble in a hurry. Usually, it’s something like coloring on the wall or maybe a tumble down the steps. This had tragic, tragic consequences.

“Some of these people talking about the dog being a crazy mongrel, that’s whacked. They loved the dog and the dog loved them.”

McGee took the chance to remind people that their are dangers lurking around every corner, and that there are many ways that people can be injured or killed. “Cars are awesome ways to travel, but they can be extremely dangerous and a kid can walk out in the street in a moment. Water’s great fun to play with, but you turn your head and a child can drown in a heartbeat.”

While McGee claims that the pit bull was simply a family pet, Coulter’s neighbors say that the dog had bitten before, and had showed other aggressive tendencies.

Katherine Dixon, who lives down the road from Coulter’s home, revealed that the dog had broken through the fence and attacked another neighbors dog last year. “The neighbor was taking her dog for a walk,” Dixon said, explaining that the dog, who was attacked, had to be treated for a leg injury.

She said that the attack left her fearful of pit bulls, and when she sees them outside she takes her children back in. “When I’m taking the boys out to play, if the dogs are outside, we come back in,” she said.

The pit bull was sent to the Guilford County Animal Shelter on Monday for observation. On Thursday, the dog was euthanized, and its body was sent to Raleigh to be tested for rabies.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]