Maisie Williams as Arya Stark

Only Breaking Bad Could Teach Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark The Pain Of Losing Fave Characters

Game of Thrones is notorious for abruptly ending the lives of fan-favorite characters with nary a second thought. Now, one cast member is feeling our pain, as the actress that plays Arya Stark has found out that Breaking Bad‘s Albuquerque can be just as bloody a place as Westeros.

Maisie Williams, who plays the feisty Arya Stark on the hit fantasy series, has apparently been making her way through Breaking Bad, and Zap2It pointed out that she seems to have run across something that upset her deeply. The 16-year-old actress took to Twitter to protest the death of an unrevealed major character on the show.

“Only now do I fully understand,” Williams wrote, “the pain you guys feel when we kill a leading character on @GameOfThrones. Breaking Bad.. You cut me deep.”

We don’t know how far she is into the series, so it’s hard to know which character death cut to the quick. It could be when [spoiler] is [spoiler] alongside Jesse and Walt doesn’t [spoiler] when he totally could have. Or it could be when [spoiler] gets half his [spoiler] [spoiled], but it doesn’t look like it immediately. Or maybe it’s just when Tuco gets what’s coming to him, out in the desert. No spoilers for that; you’ve got to know that nutjob couldn’t stay alive for another season.

In any case, turnabout is fair play, but it’s hard to gain any satisfaction knowing that the diminutive Game of Thrones actress feels our pain. For one, Breaking Bad doesn’t seem to delight in its characters’ deaths as much as the George R. R. Martin-penned Game of Thrones does. Also, it’s little Arya Stark saying she feels our pain, not G. R. R. Martin, so there’s no chance that the author and guide of the series will change his murderous ways any time soon.

Knowing that Williams commiserates with us to some extent won’t ease the pain of the Red Wedding, of course, but it does give some solace. Then again, she could very well reverse course once the series’ fourth season kicks off in a month or so. When Game of Thrones claims its next victim – a victim it will surely have spent some time making sure you love – you could see Williams taking to Twitter again, laughing as we mourn the loss of yet another upstanding Westerosi citizen.

Game of Thrones‘ fourth season starts soon, and HBO is already pumping out the previews, having confirmed something called The Purple Wedding as occurring during the season. Where exactly the season will take the Stark children, the Lannisters, and all the other Game of Thrones players, though, remains to be seen.